Now do you believe us?! Hilarious videos of dads experiencing the pain of labour

How do you think your other half would hold up if he had to go through childbirth?

Would he be a total trooper and put a brave face on? Or would he scream and yell and weep? Here are some men that gave it a go, and their reactions are priceless!

Sean Fletcher

When Good Morning Britain presenter and dad-of-two Sean Fletcher volunteered to experience labour pains for the show, we’re not quite sure he knew just what he was getting himself into…

 Sean is hooked up to a machine that simulates labour pains.


After being hooked up to a machine that replicates the pains of giving birth, Sean experienced what it would feel like to have a 45-second contraction every five minutes. Through his yelps and screams of ‘I can’t do this’ and ‘oh my god’s’, wife Luned – who’s been through labour twice – sat beside him offering encouragement, just like a birth partner might do for you during the real thing (she also giggles quite a lot, too!).

‘I can’t do this,’ says Sean.

After his ordeal, Sean says, ‘I don’t think the word pain does it justice. Any blokes who don’t sympathise with their wives and partners, I’m serious, you need to. It is the worst pain ever.’

Watch a clip of the video below, it’s hilarious!

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When women get their own back…

One clever mum named Kim Holderness decided to put her partner Penn to the test, and the resulting video is the best thing you’ll see all week.

In honour of Mother’s Day (which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the States) Penn agreed to experience everything that goes along with becoming a mum – including the ‘beautiful’ act of giving birth.

‘To really embrace fatherhood, you should experience what it took to become a mother,’ Kim tells her husband. At first, he seems ready, and up for the challenge…

… but as you can probably tell, he doesn’t really cope all that well.

The machine (which Kim brought online if you fancy getting one for your other half to try) causes Penn to experience early labour all the way through to active labour. Despite the presence of an actual qualified doctor, and Kim’s kind words (and muffled laughter), each time his reaction is even stronger and more horrified than the last.

Kim, meanwhile, is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Once the machine is turned off, a traumatised Penn turns to her and asks, ‘So how many times does that happen?’

‘Oh, just like for 10 hours,’ she reassures him.

Watch the video in full below

We reckon Penn has a MUCH greater appreciation for what his wife went through to bring their children into the world now…

… and remember these?

Just in case you’re in the mood to see more men in pain today, let’s relive this video from 2013, where two men had electrodes attached to their abdomen which simulated the contractions of childbirth. Of course, they had their wives there to help them through this stressful experience – but that didn’t really make it any easier…

Watch the video and we bet you’ll have a good chuckle!

How do you think your bloke would fare if he was the one that had to give birth? Leave us a comment to let us know!