Blogger shares candid ‘imperfect’ photo after receiving a devastating message from a fellow mum

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  • At first, blogger Olivia White felt reluctant to share one of her holiday photos.

    Although her stomach rolls are near on invisible to the naked eye, she felt herself give into her insecurities, and at first, didn’t want to share the photo with her two children.

    ‘I didn’t post this photo while we were away because I hated how my stomach looked,’ she admitted.

    ‘As much as I try to be self confident and be positive about my appearance, it’s not just a switch and one day you’re completely 110 per cent okay with yourself,’ Olivia wrote when she shared the Instagram post.

    It was after she received a deluge of comments that the Australian parenting blogger, who runs a platform under the name House of White, decided to write a post about a heartbreaking reminder of why she’s ‘lucky to even have those images.’

    ‘I wanted to remind you of something super important,’ she wrote.

    ‘The other day when I shared my beach picture I was blown away by the response from other mums who empathised they had felt the same way about themselves in photos and they too had not kept or posted images because they didn’t like how they looked.

    Wow 😲 I am so overwhelmed by the response I had to my photo last night 😳 It’s amazing that what I saw and felt hindered my ability to put that photo out there, didn’t even register or matter to one single person here and especially not my daughter 🙌🏻 It just goes to show that in a world where we preach to people to be kind and never be a bully that we sadly are the bigger bullies to ourselves 🤦🏼‍♀️ But how amazing are all of you with your kind words of support and encouragement 🙌🏻 I know it really is so much easier to tell someone else they’re beautiful but gosh if only we could talk to ourselves the way we talk to one another, that would be bloody wonderful 😘 Thank you again for all your kind words and love you loads 💕

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    ‘Some people of course didn’t have the nicest things to say. And some people reminded me that I’m lucky to even have those images and you know what – they are totally right.’

    ‘One of the comments I received was from a mama in the US, she had just lost her two eldest sons ages 18 and 20 in a car accident that month,’ Olivia said.

    ‘She pleaded with me to not care what I ever look like in these images because she regretted that she herself had next to no photos of her with her children for this very same reason.’

    When her insecurities were put into perspective, Olivia decided to encourage her followers to take as many pictures as possible with their children.

    ‘I know that this woman’s story is unique, but we so often complain that we aren’t in images because we are always taking them, only to then get one and pick apart how we look and not even keep it,’ she added.

    hubby, set up self-time, take a selfie – WHATEVER!! Ask a bloody
    stranger to take it WHO BLOODY CARES what any one else thinks or says.’