P&G winners’ stories: Nicky Hodgson

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  • In November P&G, the Proud Sponsor of Mums, launched the Champion Mums’ Foundation – a campaign offering hardworking mums the chance to be awarded a bursary from a whopping £150,000 pot. The only stipulation was that the award had to be used towards making a positive difference to their lives as mums, to their family or to the community. See how the prize helped winner Nicky …

    ‘As I watched my son, Jack, bump into a bin on a family holiday five years ago, I knew something was wrong. He was already profoundly deaf, but now his eyesight seemed to be deteriorating, too. Later my fears were confirmed when, at 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome – a condition that affects both hearing and vision.

    ‘It was devastating, and we knew life would be different. It is, but Jack is so determined and won’t let anything stand in his way. An accomplished judo player, he recently won the British Special Needs Championship. Jack also competes in able bodied events, and came third in the British Championships. He has been selected for the England Cadet Squad and has ambitions to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Paralympic Games.

    ‘He’s very determined, but at 6ft tall and stocky, he needs to stay fit. Jack has always loved cycling but it’s no longer safe for him to go out on his own. That’s how the idea for a tandem bike came about. After testing one at a local park we realised that it would be good for all of us. Jack would be able to ride safely and we could all go out as a family. I might even get fit! So, when I saw the P&G Champion Mums’ Foundation award scheme, offering mums the chance to win a bursary award to allow them to help their family or community, I jumped at the Tandem bikes do not come cheap especially when you are buying for a 6ft-tall 15-year old boy!

    ‘When I found out we’d won, I was so pleased. Jack couldn’t wait to go out and choose his bike and is looking forward to getting back in the saddle. We’re even thinking of using it to help fundraise. It has been difficult dealing with Jack’s condition, but we support each other, and everyone tries to remain positive. Jack is resilient, but needs all the support he can get. Receiving the tandem bike was the boost we all needed.’

    The people behind the prize

    For the past 170 years P&G has been developing products to make mums’ lives that little bit easier, such as Fairy, Duracell and Vicks. As the Proud Sponsor of Mums, it’s helping in other ways to say a big thank you for all the amazing things mums do. Find out more at pgproudsponsorofmums.co.uk