Calls for supermarkets to start fining customers who park in parent-and-child spaces without kids

People who park in parent-and-child spaces without kids may have to start thinking twice before cheating the supermarket system aimed at helping families…

Going to the supermarket with your children can be challenging at the best of times. Even when they are impeccably behaved, just trying to juggle your shopping bags, car keys and your kids at the end of a shop can be a hassle. So, being able to park in a parent-and-child space close to the entrance of the supermarket is a small mercy many appreciate.

For many, there’s nothing more irritating than seeing someone take up a parent-and-child parking space if they don’t have their family with them – and now, angry customers with kids have had enough, and they’re calling on supermarkets to start issuing an on-the-spot fine of £25 for people abusing the special parking spaces.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, told The Sun: ‘Parent-and-child parking at supermarkets is a hot topic and often creates strong opinion as demonstrated by our survey results which show most people want some sort of punishment for motorists who use supermarket parent-and-child parking spaces when they shouldn’t be.’

Apparently 10% of those surveyed by would even back a temporary ban from the supermarket car park for repeat offenders.

Despite the calls for something to be done about those who abuse the special parking space system, there have been no responses from the major supermarkets on the matter yet.

A spokesman for the AA told the paper: ‘Some supermarkets already fine drivers who abuse mother and baby parking spaces.’

So, what do you think? Should supermarkets start fining offenders who park in parent-and-child spaces without kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.