‘The worst day of our lives’ Parents share swimming pool filter warning after six-year-old daughter nearly drowns

The parents of a six-year-old girl who almost drowned after she got stuck in a swimming pool filter have posted a warning for other parents on Facebook.

Mum-of-two Alex Morgan has taken to social media to retell the horrifying situation in which her young daughter’s hair was sucked into a pool filter, holding her underwater for two minutes and leaving her unconscious.

The family were on holiday in Lanzarote during the Easter break when the incident occurred, just three days before they were due to fly home.

Alex described what happened, saying: ‘Darcey was swimming under water when her hair got sucked into the filter that operates a waterfall in the swimming pool. Her hair was stuck and she was unable to get up to the surface.

‘She was kept under the water for over 2 minutes. Some incredibly brave people saved our little girls life that day. Her hair was pulled and pulled before it was ripped.’

The stay-at-home-mum continued to explain how Darcey was treated, having to be taken to hospital and left with fluid on her lung.

‘Darcey was unconscious and had to be given CPR at the poolside. She was taken by ambulance to Arecife Hospital where she underwent x-rays, tests and was under close observation.

‘Her oxygen levels were low and she has lots of fluid on her right lung. Luckily we got to bring Darcey out of hospital the following morning.

‘However, it could have been a completely different ending to our holiday.’

Alex revealed that the family are still finding it difficult to come to terms with what happened.

‘This was the worst day of our lives. We are still suffering to come to terms with it all now but also feel incredibly lucky to still have our beautiful, brave little girl.’

Alex and her husband Gareth also claim that the hotel and travel company dealt with the incident poorly, allegedly hiding evidence and failing to investigate the filter.

Now the family want to share the message with other parents and hope that raising awareness of this danger could ‘save someone’s life’.

‘We want to make as many people aware of the dangers in swimming pools as we feel so strongly about this.

‘Myself and Gareth don’t want any other parents/ family members to go through what we experienced that day. We will never get over what happened but if this post can raise some awareness, save someone’s life, then we will be happy.’