Partner causes outrage online for refusing to allow the mother of his child to breastfeed

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  • A mother who wants to breastfeed her second child has been banned by her partner from doing so.

    Taking to a parenting forum to ask fellow users for advice on the matter, the 25-year-old explained that when she had her now six-year-old son, she was 19 and opted not to breastfeed.

    Describing herself as ‘very na├»ve, never even considered breast feeding’ at the time because it wasn’t ‘the norm’ in her family, she continued: ‘I regret that decision, I wish I’d at least tried’, she wrote on the Mumsnet forum.

    Six years later, the mum-of-one has discussed the possibilities of having a second child with her partner now that they are in ‘better positions financially, more secure and life is good’.

    However, the mum said that despite thinking they were on the same wavelength about things this time round, her partner said he doesn’t want her to breastfeed their second child.

    The mum said in the post: ‘I received this message today from [my partner]. “You have to bottle feed it. Not fair on [our son] to breast feed as he wasn’t…”‘

    She continued to describe how much she desperately wants to breastfeed and while she understands that her partner just doesn’t want to hurt or upset their son by doing this with his sibling, she ‘can’t fight that natural instinct’ in her to do it.

    The mum’s post received over 160 comments reassuring her that she had nothing to worry about, and that her partner’s views were very ‘bizarre’.

    ‘You breastfeeding a second child will not put your first child in any better or worse position’, comforted one.

    ‘He is being ridiculous. Breast feeding a future child does not take away anything from your [your son]’, said another.

    After receiving so much support from other women, it seems the mum-of-one has come to her own solution and decided to stand her ground, especially as she has so much regret from the first time round.

    ‘I can understand what he’s saying, but I don’t agree, and I can feel it making me a little angry.

    ‘So no, I won’t take this and we will be discussing it. And surprising [my partner] is never usually like this, and he’s not as young as me either!’ she said.