People are divided over this couple’s ‘lotus birth’ decision for a ‘serene and peaceful’ baby

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  • American couple Nick and Vanessa Fisher have opened up about their decision to leave the umbilical cord attached to their newborn son Ashton.

    This practice is known as a ‘lotus birth’ and sees the baby left attached to the placenta until the umbilical cord naturally breaks away, which usually happens three to 10 days after birth.

    Writing on their joint Facebook account, Vanessa went on to explain their decision to try the method.

    ‘Why I chose lotus birth? Trust the natural process that God created for child bearing. Allows for the health benefits associated with complete placental blood transfer,’ they said.

    ‘Bonding: Creates a more fluid transition from mother, baby, placenta, & womb to mother, baby, father & world. Emotionally lotus birthed babies tend to be more serene and peaceful.

    ‘My beautifully homemade placenta bag was a gift from my cousin Ashley Monique Guerra ❤.’

    Nick Vanessa Fisher

    Lotus Birth. Day #4 Lotus birth (or umbilical nonseverance) is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut after childbirth so that the baby is left attached to the placenta until the cord…

    Clearly moved by the post, one Facebook user revealed that it’s something they’d like to try themselves.

    ‘This is so beautiful. I will definitely consider this for the next baby. We didn’t cut the cord for 2-3hours or something like that. But I never even considered keeping it connected until it naturally comes off,’ they mused.

    When one follower raised their concerns about the possibility of infection, the new parents stated that the baby was doing fine.

    ‘Not certain if this came from a place of concern or objection, but you should know there was no infection. His cord detached on the 9th day. All is well. The process went beautifully,’ the duo replied.

    Another was keen to know more about the bag used to carry the umbilical cord and whether it prevented the placenta from having an odour.

    Vanessa and Nick quipped: ‘It’s a fashion bag lol think it just makes it more manageable & portable. But I did cure the placenta with sea salt after cleaning it and put herbs over it.’

    Last year, expectant parents were warned by doctors against the lotus birth trend, saying that there are ‘no medical benefits’ and that it actually increases the risk of infection.

    What do you think of the practice? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments!