‘I haven’t let them have their own phones yet’ Peter Andre bans Junior and Princess from social media

Peter Andre has revealed he doesn’t allow his children Junior and Princess to have phones and has banned them from using social media at his house.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the Mysterious Girl singer opened up about the struggles many parents feel while watching your children grow up.

Talking about letting his children use technology and go on social media in particular, Peter said he doesn’t let 12-year-old Junior and nine-year-old Princess have their own phones yet, in the hope that they stay ‘young and innocent’ for as long as possible.

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‘I haven’t let them have their own phones yet, but obviously Junior is getting to the age where he’ll want one’, the dad-of-four said.

‘I know some will disagree with me but I’m trying to keep Princess and Junior young and innocent while I can. Once they get phones they’ll always have them and the minute they get on social media there’s no going back, so I’m trying to drag it out for as long as I possibly can!’

Peter and ex-wife Katie Price seem to have conflicting views when it comes to their children using social media however, as she’s let Junior and Princess have a monitored Instagram account for business purposes.

But when Junior and Princess are at their dad’s house, social media is absolutely banned: ‘I don’t let the kids use any social media at my house. I’m strict: it’s just my way. At weekends we all sit around and play games and do things as a family.’

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The doting dad, who sometimes share pictures and videos of his children on his own social media accounts, does allow Junior and Princess to play with iPads but limits the time they can spend on them.

‘They do have iPads but I limit the amount of time they have on them. I am fun at the weekend and I let them stay up and we eat takeaways, but during the week I’m like: “Right, bed early, do your homework”, and they eat healthily.

‘My way is not necessarily the right way, but I’m trying to instil the way my parents were with me.’

Talking about his parenting style, Peter made it clear that he can be firm as a father when he needs to be, and it tends to work with his children.

‘That’s part of parenting. You can’t let them get away with everything’, he said.

‘If I ask them to do their homework and I come back and they’re still not he iPad, it’s like: “That iPad is getting hidden and you’re not going to see it until tomorrow.” The next thing you know, bang they’re doing their homework.’

Do you agree with Peter’s decision to not let his children have phones yet? How young is too young? Let us know is the comments!