Peter Andre shares video of son Junior glued to his phone and fans are quick to compare him to their own kids

Peter Andre has given fans a funny insight into his life as a dad.

In a light-hearted video posted to Instagram at the weekend, the singer jokes about having ‘good chat’ with his son Junior.

The clip begins with Peter saying: ‘You know, son? I’m so glad we get to spend this time together’, as the pair sit in a parked car.

Peter then pans the camera to his 12-year-old son, who is engrossed with his mobile phone.

Not wanting to take his eyes off the game he’s playing, Junior gives his dad a non-committal ‘great’ as a response.

‘It’s great to know how things are going. You know, these times are important’, Peter continues.

Fans obviously found the footage hilarious – it had over 173,000 views and amassed hundreds of comments.

Good chat son.

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Many were quick to compare Junior to their own kids, with one saying: ‘Lol my son is the exact same.’

‘Omg that’s a clone of my son when I get him from school…😂😂 might as well just talk to yourself pete 😂👍,’ another joked.

One of Peter’s 745,000 followers even went as far as offering the 44-year-old some advice.

‘You need to add an app to his phone called “screen-time”. It helps you limit the amount of time they have on the phone’, they explained.

‘You can set a bed time limit & you can increase or decrease it where you see fit! We have it on both my daughters phones! It’s great & it means they actually chat to you!’

Peter welcomed Junior in 2005 during his marriage to Katie Price. The former couple are also parents to a girl named Princess, 10.

The singer also has four-year-old Amelia and one-year-old Theo with Emily MacDonagh, 28, who he married in 2015.

Clearly a doting dad, Peter regularly shares pictures of his brood on social media.