18 handy picnic hacks every mum should know

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  • There’s nothing we love more about the Great British Summer than a great British picnic – and now we’ve discovered these handy hacks, we’re even more excited to spread our blankets and get out in the sunshine.

    From clever tricks for making your usual snacks to totally out-there ideas we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of sooner, these picnic hacks for parents are the best the internet has to offer, and will take your next picnic from average to amazing. Scroll through the list, and get planning!

    1. We’ll start with the prep. Firstly, this is the most genius idea for a table we’ve ever seen

    Image: Wunderweib

    It’s easy access, but off the ground – no ants in this picnic!

    2. And a shower curtain under your picnic blanket can help to prevent soggy bottoms

    Image: Real Simple

    For those times when it’s rainy one day, and boiling hot the next (i.e. every day in England).

    3. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could pre-make these useful little cutlery pouches

    Image: Think Garnish

    They come with everything down to seasoning – what a hostess with the mostess you’ll be!

    4. Or even these surprisingly simple homemade paper hampers

    Image: Oh Happy Day

    This blogger kept theirs plain, but we reckon the kids would love to let loose with the crayons and personalise their own. Full instructions at Oh Happy Day.

    5. Be sure to freeze some water bottles the night before

    Image: Martha Stewart

    They double up as ice packs, saving you space, keeping your picnic fresh AND providing a cool drink once they’ve melted.

    6. Now let’s talk sandwiches. There are two easy ways to keep the filling from falling out: wrapping them…

    Image: Bliss At Home

    All you need it greaseproof paper and some string.

    7. …or pressing them

    Image: The Crepes of Wrath

    This recipe includes pesto, prosciutto and cheese – yum!

    8. Alternatively, if you’re more of a bagel family, old CD spindles make great portable cases!

    Image: Flickr

    We’ve all got at least two of these lurking in a cupboard somewhere…

    9. Boiled egg fans will love this little trick

    Image: Woman Hacks

    They’re a picnic classic, and now they’re not such a pain to make.

    10. You can make fruit and veggies more accessible by pre-slicing your apples…

    Image: Time to Craft

    Securing them with an elastic band means they won’t turn brown, but they’re super easy to eat when you’re ready.

    11. …dicing your watermelon for little hands

    Image: Mama Say What

    Find out how in the full tutorial.

    12. …and packing veggies in jars with the dip already in the bottom

    Image: Daily Dose of Fresh

    Minimal mess, maximum yumminess!

    13. Roll up the bottom of sharesize crisp bags to make a handy bowl

    Image: YouTube

    That’s one less thing to wash up.

    14. For an adults-only picnic, freeze grapes and add them to your wine

    Image: Stuck In The Tree

    It’ll keep your vino chilled without diluting it. Plus, you get to eat them afterwards.

    15. Or if it’s a really special occasion, make these grown-up Capri Suns for your pals

    Image: She Knows

    Vodka lemonade in a pouch? Why didn’t we think of this sooner?! Full instructions at SheKnows.

    16. Whatever you’re drinking, bring cupcake liners to go over the top of the glass

    Image: Stuck In The Tree

    A genius way to prevent bugs from getting into your beverage.

    17. Avoid unwelcome guests with this all-natural fly repellant

    Image: Making Lemonade Blog

    It’s just a glass filled with water, with some pennies. Who’d have thought it?!

    18. And don’t forget to bring equipment for the clean-up

    Image: Design Mom

    Cling film or foil for leftovers, and a bin bag for your rubbish, will make packing everything up a whole lot easier.

    Know a picnic trick that’s even more genius than these? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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