Pink wants Carey Hart to change one thing about the way they parent in 2018 and it’s SO relatable

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  • Pink posted a new photo of husband Carey Hart with their son on Instagram, and the singer captioned it with a VERY relatable complaint about her partner.

    Pink and Carey Hart welcomed their second child together, a baby boy they named Jameson, in December 2016. They were already parents to their daughter Willow, who is now six years old.


    The couple are incredibly active on Instagram, sharing stories of their lives and adventures parenting, much to the delight of their fans and followers.

    Pink has won praise for her most recent Instagram post about being a parent, after fellow mums commended the star for her frank, honest and oh-so relatable comments.

    Sharing an absolutely adorable video of her one-year-old son giggling whilst sitting on Carey Hart’s lap, Pink wished her followers a Happy New Year, before stating that she’d like one of her husband’s resolutions for 2018 to take more picture of her, ‘just so people know I exist.’


    The caption alongside the video read: ‘At least one kid is having fun while the other one spreads disease. And don’t worry- Mrs. safety/fun police is making sure everyone has their seatbelt on while documenting history. Happy friggin 2018. I hope one of @hartluck ‘s resolutions is to photograph his wife more. Just so people know I exist.’

    Pink concluded the post saying, ‘Carry on…’ and adding a hashtag that read, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’


    The star’s fans and followers were quick to comment on the post, gushing over how cute baby Jameson is and praising the star for such a relatable complaint about not being in enough photographs because she’s always the one taking them.

    ‘Every wives story’ responded one fan. ‘They wonder why we #takeanotherselfie , because nobody thinks to photograph the fabulous Mama’s! cute vid!’

    Someone else said they could also relate, ‘Truth! I’m never in photos with my kids either! Your family is adorable.’

    Another agreed, ‘Moms don’t exist. We do the work behind the scenes, we take the pictures, lose our names (“hi, Jimmy’s mom”), and are the fun breakers, not fun makers. Hard job, but the most amazing and rewarding and would not trade it for the world.’


    Someone else observed, ‘All moms in the history of cameras wish somebody would just take a freaking picture of them.’ Before adding, ‘Love those baby laughs though, so beautiful!’

    What do you think? Do you agree that there aren’t enough photos of you with your kids? Or are you happy being the one behind the camera capturing precious memories? Let us know what you think in the comments below!