Pink slammed by fans over ‘dangerous’ Instagram picture which shows her cooking with her kids

Pop star and mum-of-two Pink has been slammed for her latest Instagram upload, which shows her cooking dinner for her family with her son and daughter in the kitchen.

The two-time Grammy Award winner often shares snaps of her life with her kids with her 2 million followers, and is frequently praised for her impressive multitasking skills.

But now she’s come under fire for posting what some commenters have called an irresponsible snap, showing her cooking up something in a frying pan, with newborn son Jameson strapped to her chest and five-year-old Willow climbing on the counter next to the stove.

Dinner time

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She’s captioned the image simply ‘Dinner time’, and it’s attracted 3,500K commenters since it was posted 2 days ago.

‘Isn’t that dangerous for the baby,’ asked one commenter. ‘What if something spits oil out in pan onto the babies head.’

Another said: ‘1 kid on the counter on kid strapped to her chest closest to the pan i mean its pretty stupid coming from a mum of 4 boys not allowed in the kitchen when im cooking.’

‘Dangerous stuff for your kids! stop doing this!’ said a third. ‘U a great singer don’t need to expose your baby to boiling oil. Are u insane these days? Shocking picture. Hope to see you giving better examples to the working mothers. Just terrible.’

However, there were also plenty of fellow mums who jumped to Pink’s defense and praised her for sharing a picture which they felt captured the reality of busy family life.

‘You are a queen! Only real mothers can multitask like this,’ said one. ‘If it weren’t for mothers (and parents in general) like you, our world would most likely be filled to the brim with the unhealthiest of people, with short life spans because everyone would be eating McDonalds since we can’t cook and look after a baby!’

Another said: ‘Seriously though, it’s part of your philosophy to support each other, build each other up, and here are all these people breaking you down. I’m glad you have a tough skin and don’t take it to heart. Love always you amazing human being.’