Pippa organises Kate’s baby shower!

31st May 2013: Kate looks set to be the first royal mum-to-be to have a baby shower, all thanks to little sister Pippa…

Pippa, 29, knows a thing or 2 about party organising, (after all, she’s written a book on it), and it looks like she’s putting her hosting skills to good use by organising her older sister’s baby shower.

Kate, pictured here with Pippa last year, will be the first royal to have a baby shower, usually an American tradition.

And apparently Pippa’s been so keen, she’s spent weeks organising the do, and has even enlisted the help of their brother James, who runs a baking business, to create a grand cake in the shape of a dummy!

Rumour has it that guests will leave with goody bags brimming with Jo Malone and White Company gifts. We can only assume our invite was lost in the post…

What on earth do you buy for the woman who has it all? We’ve let our imaginations run wild and found 16 ridiculously expensive baby gifts fit for the royal baby, including a diamond encrusted dummy.

Do you like the idea of a baby shower, or do you think they’re a cheeky excuse to get more presents? Let us know in our comments section below.

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