Pool inflatables: The best (and cheapest!) pool floats on the market

Pool inflatables are the latest must-have accessory for your beach holiday - and not just for the kids!

From flamingos to unicorns and even a mermaid pool toy, pool floats for all ages are taking the market by storm, so we’ve rounded up the best (and cheapest) options on the market, starting at a bargain £5, and ALL under £20.

Happy floating (and don’t forget your foot pump!)

Bravissimo lilo, £25

Lilo Bravissimo

If you always struggle to accommodate your boobs when you’re lounging on a lilo… your prayers have been answered!

Initially posted as April Fools’ joke on Bravissimo’s social media accounts, the lingerie brand decided to a massive favour to all the women out there with big breasts and developed a lilo specially designed with room for them.

Featuring the words ‘cup holders, Bravissimo style’, the pink lilo is available for £25. See you at the pool!

Available online and in store

B&M Buckin’ Bronco Pool Inflatable, £14.99

Challenge your friends and family to a ride on a buckin’ bronco and see who can hold on the longest. A great addition to your pool vacay this summer, this is one of the cheapest bronco’s on the market, mixing relaxation with some *friendly* competitive sport . Available in B&M stores now but you had better be quick as we predict they won’t be around for long.             
Available in store

Primark Pool Inflatables, from £5

Primarni have a range of different shapes and sizes when it comes to their pool inflatables, including swans and unicorns as well as the obligatory flamingo, who comes in at slightly more than Aldi’s, with a price tag of £9. Our person fave, however, is the delicious-looking doughnut float, which retails for just a fiver.
Available in store

Intex Ice Cream Cone Pool Float, £9.18

Can you believe this sweet pool inflatable is under £10? According to the sellers, it’s a strawberry and rainbow sprinkle cone, but feel free to enjoy whatever flavour of ice cream you please when you’re bobbing around on board.
Buy it now: Amazon, £8.99

BigMouth Inc. Flamingo Pool Inflatable, £14,99

This fun flamingo pool float is a great way to make sure you’re the centre of attention on holiday. With so many on offer you’re spoilt for choice on where to buy one but we’ve spotted this one for a bargain price.
Buy it now: Cotswolds Trading, £14.99

BigMouth Inc. Bling Ring Floating Beverage Boats, £9.99

These pool inflatables aren’t for you – they’re for your drinks! They’d be fab for a hen do, but we’d be equally happy watching the kids dutifully push a Piña colada towards us in one of them whilst we soak up some rays – and change from a tenner.
Buy it now: Amazon, £9.99

Otto Simon Gigantic Floating Pretzel Pool Float, £13.67

Carb lovers, rejoice! This is the cheap pool float of your dreams. The beauty of this inflatable is that the unique shape is actually super comfy, so it’ll support your butt no matter how many pretzels you’ve eaten (what, just us?!).
Buy it now: Amazon, £13,67

Bestway Inflatable Pizza Party Lounger, £15

We can just picture it now – reclining happily dreaming of pizza whilst bobbing around in the pool. Mallorca won’t know what hit it – and nor will your bank balance, cos this slice is less than 20 quid.
Buy it now: Asda, £15

Urban Outfitters Watermelon Ring Pool Float, £18.00

If ice creams and doughnuts aren’t your thing, even the healthiest of holidaymakers can get on board with this Urban Outfitters inflatable! This fruity float will make you the envy of the hotel pool – now all you need is a matching snack.
Buy it now: Urban Outfitters, £18.00

Bestway Inflatable Duck Pool Float, £12.00

pool inflatables

This adorable pool float will make sure you look awesome in all of your sunny snaps. Lie back, relax and let the Facebook likes roll in…
Buy it now: Asda, £12.00