Pregnancy timeline: pregnancy in 1000 pictures

How cute is this? If only our other halves were this thoughtful!

Watch one woman’s journey through 9 months of pregnancy in this amazing pregnancy timeline video.

Tomer Grencel was so excited about his wife’s first pregnancy, that he decided to document it every step of the way.

Each day, Tomer took photos of his wife Osher’s baby bump, to see how much it was growing. The result? A pregnancy timeline that shows exactly how Osher’s body chaged over the 9 months of her pregnancy.

Along the way, we see her go through morning sickness in month 3, finding out the sex of the baby in month 4 and dreaming about her pregnanacy cravings in month 6. Plus, after all that, we get to see their newborn baby, Emma, at the end of the video.

This brilliant pregnancy timeline video has become a huge hit on YouTube, with over 2 million hits. You can see the video for yourself below.

If only 9 months went as quickly as this… enjoy!

See more of Osher and Tomer’s experiences of parenting on their blog

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