Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 22

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week Anna goes to visit the midwife and hears the baby’s heartbeat.

I’ve just got back from my 22-week midwife appointment. I’ve never met this one before, but all the midwives on the team I’ve been allocated by the hospital were already booked up so they’ve bumped me temporarily onto another. She’s very nice and immediately makes me feel at ease. She starts off by asking me how I’m feeling and how I’m getting on. I don’t feel like the 20th pregnant she’s seen today, even though it’s 4pm, which is nice.

I tell her I feel fine, except for my pelvis which is really starting to be painful. I’m struggling to walk and by the end of the day snails are overtaking me as I waddle and shuffle down the road. Apparently this is quite common – it’s called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). She’s very helpful, tells me to take paracetamol and says to mention it at my next midwife appointment at 28 weeks if I’m still struggling and they’ll refer me to a physiotherapist. I’ve also bought a multi-purpose support pillow which I put between my legs when I sleep to help me feel more comfortable.

She then goes through my blood test results, which are all fine and checks the baby’s measurements from my 20-week scan, which she says are also all fine. My urine test and blood pressure are both good and I’m pleased as my blood pressure had been a little low previously, making me see stars when I stand up.

Anna's pregnancy diary

Then it’s time to check out the baby. She measures my bump, then puts some gel on it and an instrument to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, called a doppler. Immediately a loud pounding sound fills the room and then a few seconds later disappears. The poor midwife ends up having to chase around my belly trying to listen to its heartbeat properly as my famously wriggly baby plays hide and seek. I love listening to the heartbeat! I tell her that I feel a lot of moving around particularly at mealtimes. She tells me a wriggly baby is a healthy one, so I’m pleased that Lenny is so active. The midwife gives me a bottle of Lucozade for a gestational diabetes test I need to book in 6 weeks’ time and tells me to make an appointment with my GP for 2 weeks’ time so my blood pressure and the baby can be checked again. And that’s that. Of course I lose my bottle of Lucozade precisely five minutes after being given it (my poor pregnant brain) and have to buy another on my way home. Oh dear. Let’s hope I remember to drink it!

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