Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 23

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week Anna discovers forgetfulness during pregnancy isn’t a myth, plus watch her video diary.

Charlotte at work: ‘Anna, you just asked me that.’
Me: ‘Oh, sorry, I forgot to listen to the answer.’
Charlotte: ‘You’re really losing your marbles.’

Oh dear. I thought pregnancy brain was a myth, but I’m quickly beginning to realise that my brain has turned to mush and now I’m getting really paranoid. Before I say anything to anyone I have to start with: Have I told you about bla-bla already? Have I already said this?

And I’m losing things all the time too. Last week I managed to mislay my work pass and had to queue at the reception desk to get a temporary one, only to find it in my bag half-an-hour later. It lives in a particular place in my purse, but for some reason I’d just chucked it into the bottom of my bag.

My bag has lots of different pockets in it and each one has a certain thing in it. My phone lives in my front left pocket, while my keys are in front right.

This should make me really organised, but my pregnant brain put my phone in a completely random pocket. I set off from work to the station and got to Waterloo only to realise I didn’t have my phone.

So I went all the way back to the office. When I got to my desk my colleague, Louise, was still there. She watched me rummage around my desk fruitlessly, so I called my mobile from my office phone to see if that would help me find it and from the depths of my bag was a muffled ring. It had been there all along. ‘Poor little pregnant,’ sighed Louise.

I’ve also tried to run a bath with no plug in it, worn my pants to work the wrong way round and lost a bottle of Lucozade for my gestational diabetes test 5 minutes after having been given it.

It’s a miracle I ever manage to get anywhere. One day I’m going to forget to go to work. Hmm, I wonder if that’ll wash with my boss?! ‘Sorry, Jolene, I’m going to be a bit late. I forgot that I go to work on Wednesdays… But now I’ve remembered and I’m on my way…’

And now I’m sitting here trying to remember if I’ve already written this blog. Maybe I ought to go back and re-read the previous ones….

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