Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 24

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week, the first mentions of birth and a surprise at work.

Colleague 1: ‘An episi-what? What on earth is that?’
Me:Episiotomy. Er, it’s when doctors have to make a little cut if the baby gets stuck to help it come out…’
Colleague 1: ‘Where?’
Me: ‘Erm, er, downstairs!’
Colleague 2, gleefully: ‘It’s when two become one!’
Colleague 1: ‘Oh my God. Is that true?’
Me: ‘Yep, I’m afraid so…’
Colleague 1: How can you be so calm about it?! That’s terrible!’

I’d thought it might be a few more weeks before we got on to the scary birth stories and all the things that could happen while the baby tries to make an appearance, but here we are at week 24 and I’m surrounded by horrified faces. I can’t stop laughing.

I LOVE that my colleagues are so clueless and that I can wind them up with all sorts of stories, just to see them squirm.

But, don’t worry, they do get their own back by waiting until we’re in a lift full of men and then asking me loudly if I’ve got massive pants on.

My colleagues have been just amazing about Lenny. They’re fascinated by my bump, determined to feel Lenny kicking, desperate to look at my almost-inside-out-belly button and very excited about meeting the baby. It makes being pregnant even more brilliant for me. And this week they did a very nice thing…

Anna's pregnancy diary

My boss, Jolene, sent an email round to everyone to tell us we were having an important meeting the next afternoon to make sure we all had our work done by then.

For me, it was my third brain-storming meeting of the week and I was in a bit of a sulk because I didn’t think my brain had any more ideas left in it. Still, I got my head down and made sure I was ready for the meeting in time.

I was heading to the boardroom with my notebook, pen and half a can of diet coke left over from lunch, when Jolene stopped me:
‘Get your coat on, Penners!’ she said.
‘But aren’t we having a meeti…?’ I trailed off as I noticed everyone standing around with their coats on, grinning at me. ‘What’s going on? What are you all doing?’
‘We’re going out,’ Jolene said.

As a surprise, they took me to a lovely cafe with the most amazing cakes. We all had teas, coffees, massive cakes and then they gave me some presents for Lenny!

They’d been trying to organise a congratulations on your pregnancy thing, but due to one thing or another they hadn’t been able to do it until I was 6 months’ pregnant.

They bought Lenny a set of teeny socks each with a day of the week on them and Lenny’s first pair of shoes. I was so touched. I nearly shed a few tears at the sight of the little shoes. And I was really, genuinely surprised. I had no idea they had anything planned at all. What a nice bunch! Thanks, you lot!

As I’m 24 weeks, I also had a visit to the doctor’s this week for a check-up. As it turned out it was the same GP who had initially referred me to the fertility hospital and I hadn’t seen her since. She was so pleased for me and it was lovely to be able to thank her.

She took my blood pressure, listened to Lenny’s heartbeat and measured my bump and all were fine.

And, by some sort of crazy coincidence she’s also pregnant, due 4 days earlier than me, with the same sex baby and due to give birth in the same hospital, so who knows, I may just see her again there!

Anna wears Gap maternity jeans, £40, white top from Primark, £1.49. Blue top Anna’s own.

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