Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 25

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week, Anna does some virtual shopping.

Another brilliant thing about having a baby is it gives you a new and legitimate reason to shop! I’m a bit superstitious about it though, which I know is ridiculous, I just couldn’t bear anything to go wrong. So I still haven’t bought anything except the babygro I chose when I found out what sex it was going to be and I also don’t want to clutter up my house with stuff I won’t be using for another three months, but I’m finding the urge hard to resist. I’ve had to entertain myself by writing great big lists of everything I think I’m going to need and by reading about the best things to get when there’s so much choice out there.

The thing I’ve probably spent the most time looking at is buggies and prams. There are literally hundreds of different types and it’s so confusing! Where do you start? Three wheels, four wheels, travel systems, prams, buggies, forward facing, backward facing… The list is endless. And I really don’t want to get it wrong as it’s a lot of money to spend on something if you don’t get on with it. I think I want a travel system which does everything – the car seat attaches to the buggy and the buggy can transform into a pram for a newborn. My dad calls to inform me that the buggy should face me, not forwards. He says: ‘How many times have you seen a small child in a buggy with its hat over its eyes, unable to see anything?’ He adds that talking to your child and having eye contact is good too and the clincher… If I choose one that faces me, he’ll pay for it as his gift to his new grandchild. I’m so pleased! It’s a big sum of money that I don’t have to budget for and it makes it easier to get all the other things I need. Thanks, Dad!


So the criteria are: Light, easy to manoeuvre, suitable for newborns, buggy faces me, compatible with safest car seat and after much changing of my mind I settle for a Bugaboo Bee and set about finding the cheapest one I can online. There’s also a weird superstition about not bringing a new pram into the house until the baby’s born in case it brings bad luck. Happily, the company I choose to buy mine from can’t deliver for 10 weeks, by which time I think it’ll be OK and where else would I keep it if I can’t have it in the house?

So here’s the beginnings of my list. I’m sure it’ll get longer and of course there’s nothing on this that’s fun for the baby, like toys or a mobile or a play gym, but I’ll get round to those when I see how much I have left after the basics. Let me know if there’s something you bought that you couldn’t live without!

The list:

Baby monitor Moses basket Rocking stand Moses fitted sheets Grobags Grobag night light Pram blanket Cat net

Cuddle robes Baby bath Flannels Bath thermometer Baby wash stuff

Pack of 3 bottles Microwave and cold water steriliser Soothers Muslin squares Feed warmer Travel warming flask Breast pump Breast pads Bibs Nipple cream

Newborn nappies Nappy sacks Changing table Changing mat Nappy rash cream

Car seat Baby carrier/sling Buggy

Long sleeved sleepsuits Short sleeved suits Scratch mittens Socks Vests Cardigan

Cot Baby rocker

Anna wears non-maternity dress from Topshop and long-sleeved black top from Primark.

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