Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 27

This week Anna, goodtoknow’s Recipes & Diet editor, has her gestational diabetes test. She’s now 27 weeks’ pregnant and has been keeping a pregnancy diary since she first found out. See what happened this week or go back to the start of her pregnancy diary and read it all from the beginning.

Well, it’s been quite a week. It kicked off on Monday with a visit to the midwives at the hospital for my test for gestational diabetes. Some women become diabetic when they’re pregnant which can cause problems for their own and their baby’s health, so at 27 and a bit weeks I have to follow their instructions to be tested.

Firstly I have to not eat or drink anything for an hour. Then I have to drink almost an entire bottle of Lucozade in 5-10 minutes, then not eat or drink anything for another hour before arriving at the hospital for a blood test exactly an hour later. I wasn’t too worried about this as it all seemed quite straightforward and I like going to the hospital because I get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and I like being reassured that it’s OK. So I did all my fasting and drinking and arrived at the hospital bang on time.

Anna's pregnancy diary

So I’m sitting in the waiting room listening out for my name. Twenty minutes later I start to worry if my test results won’t work because it’s been too long since I drank the Lucozade as they were very precise in the timings of the test. I ask behind the desk and the receptionist goes off to find out. Half-an-hour has now gone by and a midwife appears and calls my name. Relieved I follow her into a room.
‘Have you had your blood test?’ she asks.
‘Er, no,’ I say. ‘I was told to wait out there.’
She seems a bit cross and sends me over to take a number from the machine for a blood test. Another 15 minutes goes by and then I’m called. As I take my seat the nurse says, ‘Have you got stickers for your blood tests?’
‘No,’ I sigh. ‘The midwife took all my notes away, she just gave me this form.’
‘Well, I can’t do the tests without the stickers,’ she says and stomps off to try and find her.

By now, I’m starting not to feel very well and my hormones are getting the better of me and making me feel a bit tearful as I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing and no one is telling me and I want to get it right. Eventually she returns with the stickers. Phew. So she takes my blood tests, packs me off for a urine test and sends me back to the midwife.

In the room are two midwives. The first one takes my blood pressure. They are both looking at me a bit strangely. I’m feeling very hot and flushed. One asks me if I’d rushed there. I told her I’d arrived in a cab and had been in the waiting room for an hour, so no. She tells me my blood pressure is way too high, so they’re going to wait 10 minutes, do all the other tests, then take it again.
‘Do you have a stressful job?’ one asks.
‘Er, yes, sometimes…’ I mutter…
‘You must take it easy you know, or you’ll get signed off,’ the other one says.

They test my urine sample. ‘It’s too sugary,’ announces the midwife, ‘But then you have just drunk all that Lucozade, haven’t you? Do you normally drink things like that?’
‘Never,’ I tell her, going hot and flushed again.
No wonder I feel weird.

They listen to the baby’s heartbeat, which is fine, and tell me my bump measurements are spot on. So Lenny has passed all the baby tests (well done Lenny!) and I’ve so far failed all mine… They take my blood pressure again, but it’s still very high and they’re not happy. They tell me I have to get it checked out, along with my urine test, again at the doctor’s in two weeks’ time. I promise to do that.

I leave the hospital a bit upset. I’d expected it to go smoothly and for everything to be perfect, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it was due to drinking all that sugar in one go. Anyway, on the bright side, I’m pleased the baby is happy and healthy and that’s the most important thing.

Anna wears: Non-maternity maxi dress from Miss Selfridge. T-shirt Anna’s own.

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