Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 29

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week she looks back over the first two trimesters.

I read this brilliant thing on a website chat room the other day. A lot of women write on them to discuss worries and ask questions and give tips and hints on every aspect of pregnancy and birth (and they’re coming soon to goodtoknow!). I’m afraid to say that I’m just a lurker, but I do like to read them regularly. Anyway, obviously some women have a tough time being pregnant, suffering from lots of symptoms from extreme morning sickness (hyper-emesis) to crippling SPD which leaves them on crutches, frightening bleeds, heartburn and then towards the end not sleeping, swelling up and struggling to breathe properly. So someone had posted this lovely reminder of how far we’ve all come over the last 30 weeks or so and it went something like this:

Remember when you saw your positive pregnancy test, how happy you felt? How you stared at it in disbelief and then did another one straight away to make sure?
Then there was the fear that something might go wrong, the rushing to the toilet just to check, the fear that your period will suddenly arrive and it was all in your imagination. 12 weeks and you were so excited about seeing your baby at your first scan. You were terrified they wouldn’t find anything in there, or there wouldn’t be a heartbeat and then you see a tiny baby shape with its heart pounding away and you realise that a living, breathing baby is growing inside you. You also realise you’ve reached the magic milestone of 12 weeks and your chances of miscarrying are reduced dramatically – relief!


You get a little bump, then a slightly bigger one and people begin to notice that you’re pregnant and you’re so proud of it! And then you suddenly feel a bit of a fluttering inside and realise that it’s actually your baby wriggling around. At 20 weeks you see your baby again and this tine it looks like a baby. You find out the sex and can start planning names and colours of nurseries and clothes! And then follow the appointments where you listen to your baby’s heartbeat thumping away.

And now, here we are at 29 weeks, looking forward to meeting our babies, but we shouldn’t wish away the last few weeks of our pregnancies as it’s such an amazing time in our lives and the only time that we will be pregnant with this baby and have this pregnancy. It’s the last time I’ll be pregnant for the first time and while I’m so looking forward to holding my baby, I’m going to really try and make the most of my last 11 weeks, or however many weeks of pregnancy I have left.

Don’t you think that’s nice? Or are my hormones turning me into a great big softie?!

Anna wears top, £29, from JoJoMamanBebe and maternity jeans, £40, Gap.

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