Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 30

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so she’s been keeping a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week she has a scare and is sent to hospital by her GP.

I had a bit of a scare this week and it all started when I had to go to my GP to get my blood pressure done and my urine tested again, having had high blood pressure and sugar in my test a fortnight earlier when I did my gestational diabetes test. So I went along, feeling absolutely fine and well and convinced she was going to say that my previous tests were a one-off caused by drinking the Lucozade.

The first thing she did was my blood pressure. ‘Hmm,’ she said. ‘It’s exactly the same as it was two weeks ago.’ I was horrified! I couldn’t understand why. I didn’t feel stressed or worried about anything and I certainly didn’t feel unwell… Then came the urine test. And this time it showed protein as well as sugar! Usually she would then listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but instead she turned to me and said: ‘I want you to go straight to hospital. You need to see an obstetric consultant. Go to the labour ward and tell them that your GP sent you’. I burst into tears. She explained that she was worried about pre-eclampsia and hypertension. I cried a bit more. She tried to reassure me by saying that it was just precautionary, but by then my imagination had run wild and I got really really scared for Lenny.

I left the doctor’s surgery and called my husband, barely able to get the words out I was crying so hard. Luckily he works from home so he was able to drop everything and come with me. I also called my dad, but I don’t know what I thought he could do as he lives in Somerset! My husband doesn’t drive so I tried to call a cab but the company I always use left me on hold. Just then my brother called, my dad had called him, and he was over at my house in 10 minutes to take me to hospital. I cried all the way, terrified they were going to have to deliver Lenny straight away! I’m so not ready! And the baby’s not ready either!

Anna's pregnancy diary

We arrived at the labour ward and a midwife checked my notes straight away. ‘Please don’t worry,’ she said. ‘GPs tend to err on the side of caution. We see pregnant women and babies every single day, that’s all we do, and your blood pressure is not dangerously high. We’re going to check you out though so take a seat and we’ll be with you in a few minutes.’

I immediately felt better. Five minutes later another midwife checked my blood pressure and asked me to do another urine test. She told me that the manual blood pressure machines are much more accurate than the electronic ones and that when they get people in with high blood pressure they often find it’s because the automatic machines aren’t calibrated properly. Within 10 minutes and two blood pressure tests later they had reassured me that things weren’t as bad as I had thought. She listened to the baby’s heartbeat and told me that Lenny’s still very happy in there! She also told me they were going to keep a closer eye on me, booking me in for an appointment in a fortnight and telling me to take it easy. No stress. None.

I left feeling shell-shocked by the whole event but so relieved that everything was OK. But it was also a wake-up call and it did make me look at my life and where I can possibly make it less stressful as the most important thing is that our baby is delivered happy and healthy. And that’s my mission for the last 10 weeks.

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