Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 31

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments. This week she can’t stop crying and gets to grips with life after work.

Hold on, let me just get a tissue… Sniff… Ooh my hormones have gone completely mental this week. I don’t believe a single day has gone by without me shedding a tear or 10. And it doesn’t take much to set me off. I was on my way to work and the trains are often overcrowded. The other day the first train was so packed I decided to wait for the next one. The next one arrived and it was half the length of the one before so I couldn’t get on that one either. And so yes, I admit, I had a little cry on the platform out of sheer frustration. Then I got a lovely email from someone I used to work with who was so kind and nice when she heard about my scare the previous week that made me cry too. My dad sent me some flowers, that made me cry, my fridge freezer alarm went off three times in one night, that made me cry, I had a horrible dream and woke up… crying. Oh dear. I really need to get a grip!

A work colleague asked me this week how I’m feeling about going on maternity leave. It’s a bit of an odd one, this. I love my job and I’m very protective over the channels I run, diets and recipes, especially because our new-look recipes pages have recently gone live, which has been months and months of hard work and I’ve also worked on the site since before it launched. But on the other hand, I’m really getting tired now, my brain has turned to mush and I’ve still got lots of things to do before the baby’s born, so I’m feeling ready to go. It’s just a matter of letting go.

Anna's pregnancy diary

In spite of the fact that it’s only three weeks until I start maternity leave and I’d have to let go then anyway, we began the handover period a few weeks ago and my channels were put into the very capable hands of my assistant, Charlotte. My workload was reduced, to try and bring my blood pressure down and reduce my stress, and I’m now writing some more content for the family channel on pregnancy instead. At first I was horrified! So guess what? I had a little cry because I felt like I’d already been ousted from my job. Argh! And then I sat down and thought about it rationally. I do need to relax more and take on less in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, as the baby’s health is more important than anything. And it dawned on me that my boss has only done this to help me and the baby. And in 9 weeks I won’t give work a second thought as I’ll have my own baby to look after. And then, suddenly, it seemed like the best offer I’d ever had. So, yes, I can honestly say I’m ready to go now. But, as Arnie said: I’ll be back…

Anna wears non-maternity top from French Connection and maternity leggings from H&M.

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