Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 36

goodtoknow’s Anna has been keeping a diary since she first found out she was pregnant – and now she’s only got 4 weeks to go! This week she has more check ups and a growth scan and goes to an NCT class.

On the day I hit 36 weeks I had a routine midwife appointment. To be honest I’d started dreading any tests or appointments as I always seem to end up in hospital having further investigations. I know it’s good that they’re cautious and that is reassuring, but it’s just a bit scary if they find something wrong every time! This time my midwife decided that my bump was measuring a bit small for my dates. You’re supposed to measure the same amount of centimetres as weeks you are. I should be 36cm, but apparently I’m only measuring 32cm. I’m finding it a bit weird as I was measured at 34 weeks and found to be 34cm. Have I shrunk? I certainly don’t feel small! Anyway, she wanted to send me for a growth scan to make sure the baby is still growing properly. She says the appointment probably won’t be until the next day, or maybe the next week, but hopefully quite soon as she’d marked the request as urgent. Next week?! Shouldn’t this be checked out quickly, I asked? She shrugged and said they were very busy so it depended on when they could fit me in.

Anna at 35 weeks pregnantI went straight to the scan appointment desk and handed over my letter from the midwife. As the receptionist stared at her screen, an ultrasound technician was sitting behind her. They looked at each other, checked one of the ultrasound rooms was empty and the technician agreed to fit me in straight away. I was so grateful and so relieved. It’s impossible when they tell you not to worry and I know it would’ve bothered me all weekend.

Within 10 minutes, she had all the measurements she needed and put them in the computer to analyse. Everything came up as normal – in fact they told me the baby’s erring on the large side and is currently roughly 7lb 2oz so nothing to worry about at all. What a relief! Although now I’m thinking 7lb 2oz four weeks before my due date is pretty big… The baby’s going to be huge!

The same evening I had my first NCT class. I’d been dreading it, thinking I was going to be the oldest by far and that I wouldn’t have anything in common with them. We were one of the last couples to arrive and walked into a room full of people with name badges on and my heart sank. Still, we wrote our names down, stuck on our badges and found seats at the edge. There were 12 couples in the group. Straight away we were split into groups of boys and girls and told to find three things we had in common with each other that had nothing to do with babies. It was actually quite tough, but we got to know things about each other fairly quickly and I realised that I really liked the girls in my group and was pleased we had made the effort to come. We also had to write down things we wanted to get out of the course and things we definitely didn’t want. Interestingly the women didn’t want to see a birth video, but our partners did!

The following day, our NCT class was from 11am to 5pm, but I had to go on my own because my husband couldn’t make it. Luckily three other girls had also gone on their own so we all paired up. It was a bit weird doing breathing and relaxation exercises on a girl I’d hardly spoken to, but she was really friendly and we had a laugh together. I’ve learnt a lot about when to go to hospital and the stages of labour too and even though I’ve still got three more classes, I’d already recommend it to anyone who’s undecided about going.

Did you go to ante-natal classes? Do you think they’re worthwhile? Let me know…

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