Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 37

goodtoknow’s Anna is pregnant and has been sharing her diary since she first found out. Now she’s 37 weeks pregnant, Anna is starting to find pregnancy uncomfortable

You have no idea how many things you pick up off the floor in one day until it’s practically impossible to do it. From picking up the post by the door, or the bath mat or the cats’ bowls, to loading the washing machine, I am always bending over.

And now I’m 37 weeks pregnant, it’s HARD!! I’m considering buying one of those grabber things so I don’t have to struggle any more. ‘What are these doing here?’ I said crossly to my husband when I found his socks on the bedroom floor, only to find them a few minutes later by the washing machine… on the floor!!

Another thing that’s getting tricky is the bath. I have to plan a strategy on how I’m going to get out about 10 minutes before I start the maneouvre. It involves lots of huffing and puffing, heaving and pulling and then finally I’m out! Sounds a bit like birth, actually, but a LOT less painful.

Anna at 37 weeks pregnant

This week I also went to get fitted for some nursing bras. With cup size, back size and the unknown element of what would happen when the milk comes in at about day 3, I thought I’d better get some proper advice. I popped into Debenhams’ lingerie department and spoke to the lingerie manager. She advised me that I needed to be able to put a fist in each cup to leave space for my boobs to grow. She gave me four bras to try and checked the fit as I tried each one on. ‘Arms in the air!’ she says, and checks the bottom of the cups for support and to check it doesn’t ride up. ‘I’m happy with this one,’ she announces. I’m alarmed by the space in each cup (I feel like a teenager again), but know I’ll probably be grateful in a few weeks’ time!

I have a midwife appointment at the hospital to see what position the baby’s lying in and to talk over my birth plan which I have finally written in my maternity notes. I’ve decided to hire a TENS machine to use at home in the early stages of labour. Then when I get to hospital I’m going to try gas and air (entonox) to try and deal with the pain. I definitely don’t want pethidine or diamorphine injections as I don’t think they’ll agree with me and I’ve heard it can make the baby slow to feed and it can make the mother sick and a bit out of it and I hate feeling like that.

If I can’t handle the pain, I’m going to go straight for an epidural. So that’s the drugs, but I’m going to try the birthing pool and see how I manage in that as I do want to avoid an epidural if I can, but I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve also decided to have the drug (syntometrine) that helps prevent haemorrhaging and delivers the placenta quickly and I want the baby to have the vitamin K injection (that can help prevent internal bleeding) too.

We talk over my plan and the midwife nods in agreement, saying it’s very sensible and both of us sign it. She then measures me (37cm), listens to the baby’s heartbeat and confirms the head is 2/5 engaged. I get very excited when she tells me this. I know it doesn’t mean birth is imminent but it does mean things are starting to happen and who knows, I could have a baby tomorrow, or I could have a whole month more!

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