Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 39

Our food and diet’s editor Anna is pregnant – and she’s been sharing her diary with us since she first found out. Read how she’s getting on here and don’t forget to catch up on her previous diaries if you’ve just started reading!

It’s the final insult! My next door neighbour has just asked me if I’m sure I’m not expecting twins! I can’t believe it! How rude is that? She might as well have come out and said, you look absolutely huge. I appreciate that I’m huge, but I am due in a few days’ time! And I really don’t need people commenting on my figure. If I wasn’t pregnant and had put on a few pounds, would it be OK to comment on that? No.

Again it’s the weird thing about pregnancy that allows friends and perfect strangers to just say stuff they wouldn’t normally say. Thankfully one of my friends saw a photo of me and said, you look so well! Secretly I think she meant swell, but I thank her all the same! So yes, I am enormous.

It’s official, and even the simplest tasks have become virtually impossible. The hardest thing in the world is putting on my pants. With a sore pelvis and a huge bump in the way, it’s a feat of extreme gymnastics and if anyone was to watch me try and hook them backwards over one foot then flip them forwards to get the other foot in, they would laugh themselves silly.

Anna at 39 weeks pregnant holding a babygro up against her bump

I’m also very tired. It’s not that I can’t sleep, it’s that I can’t sleep when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I can nod off quite happily on the sofa during the day. Slip into a relaxed snooze in the bath, but put me in my own bed all comfortable and warm and can I sleep? No I can not.

Last night I got up at 2am having tossed and turned for hours and decided a bath was the only way forward. It felt very odd lying in the bath at that hour with my husband blissfully unaware and fast asleep in the next room. I thought he’s going to get a real shock if he gets up to go to the loo and finds me in the bath in the dark! And everything’s just that little bit harder when you’re carrying around an extra 2-and-a-half stone. By the time I’ve got up, had a shower, done the pants quest and got dressed, I feel like going back to bed again!

But even though I’ve got a few physical issues, I’m still managing to get out and about. The other night I went to my friend’s birthday party in the pub. Living close to me and being the lovely girl she is, she decided to have it in my local pub so I wouldn’t have too far to go. It was hilarious. I felt like the hired entertainment as every person I saw actually laughed at my enormous bump.

My friend’s sister said: ‘How long have you got to go now then?’
‘A week,’ I replied.
‘Until you finish work?’ she asked.
‘Er, no, until my due date,’ I explained, with a grin.
She actually took a step back from me in case I exploded there and then.

I’ve also had my last appointment with the GP to check up on everything. I’m dreading it as, if you’ve been following my diary, you’ll know that I get sent to hospital every time I have an appointment as they always find protein in my urine and my blood pressure goes up and down. But this time I actually pass everything! My blood pressure’s fine and there’s only a trace of protein. The baby is in the right position and the heartbeat is fine. I can go home! Hurrah! My next appointment is to see the midwife the day before my due date.

In all this of course, I am beside myself with excitement about meeting my baby. I can’t believe that in the next few weeks Lenny will actually be here and I’ll be able to see the baby instead of just feeling it rummaging around inside me. I can’t wait to see what the baby’s like, who they look like and start getting to know them. So will this be my last diary entry about being pregnant? I hope so! Perhaps the next one will be my birth announcement with a picture of Lenny, along with the sex and real name! Ooh I can’t wait. Keep everything crossed for me!

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