Anna’s pregnancy diary: Week 40

goodtoknow’s Anna is now overdue – she’s been sharing her diary with us every week since she found out she was pregnant. This week she’s wondering how to naturally induce labour.

‘Any news?’ my next door neighbour asked my husband at the front door… WHAT? I can not believe they have come over especially to ask if the baby’s been born yet. I’d just nodded off on the sofa and now I’m awake again, is that news enough for you? And surely they’d be able to hear a crying baby through the wall if it had been born? OK, I admit, I’m a bit of a grouch at the moment. I’m four days overdue and it’s getting to me a little bit.

Even though I’ve always known that my due date is an estimate and that most first babies are a week or two late, it doesn’t stop that from being your total focus for nine months. In the lead-up to that date you get yourself prepared and shop and wash clothes and tidy the house and nest and go out a lot and visit friends and get your final pedicure done and then… the date arrives. And then it goes by.

Anna at 40 weeks pregnant

In my head I still want to be busy. There are lots of things I want to do, like sell stuff on ebay, go shopping, sort out various cupboards, but I actually can’t any more. My pelvis is too painful to go shopping, I’m tired but not sleeping and if I go and meet people I’m uncomfortable in cafe seats and I don’t have much to say, except: Hurry up baby!!! and discussing natural ways to induce labour.

But at least I’m not alone. Not one of my NCT class has had their baby yet. There are now five of us overdue. There are 12 women in my group and when 10 of us met up in a cafe last week we were an alarming sight. Imagine 10 very pregnant women walking towards you up the road. The cafe we went to is known for being very child friendly and the whole back room was stuffed full of mums and babies, the middle full of buggies and the front stuffed full of pregnants. It was weird because it was as if we were all waiting to cross pramland into the back room area.

Being overdue feels like standing on a precipice and just waiting for the OK to jump into your new life. Fears of labour are overtaken by wanting an end to heartburn and waddling and of course the main goal – meeting your baby. I’ve had a word with Lenny and told the baby it can come now, but it’s not budging one little bit. At my last midwife meeting they decided to give me a sweep on Thursday when I’m 41 weeks and if that doesn’t work then I’m booked in to be induced the following week.

I don’t really want to be induced, but I guess it takes all the worry away from when to go into hospital and whether we’ll be able to get a cab and all that sort of thing. I’ll just turn up knowing that this is really it and when I next leave the hospital I’ll have my baby with me. So at least I have another deadline now, and this one’s a real one! Here’s hoping this is my last diary without a baby. Wish me luck!

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