Anna’s pregnancy diary: Weeks 8-9

goodtoknow’s Food and Diets Editor Anna is pregnant, so we’ve asked her to keep a diary of her pregnancy, telling you all the good bits and bad bits and asking for your help and comments.

This week, Anna tells the team, visits the doctor and the baby gets a name.

I’ve decided that now I’ve had a scan I’m going to tell the people I work with that I’m pregnant.

I know a lot of people choose not to tell until after 12 weeks when your chances of miscarriage drop dramatically, but I’m being too weird at work, what with trying not to be sick when people eat their lunch next to me and being so tired I struggle to stay awake at my desk, to keep it to myself any longer.

So at the end of a meeting, when the whole team is there, I make the announcement. I build it up by saying, ‘I’m afraid I’m leaving goodtoknow…’ Gasps around the room ‘… at the end of August… because…I’m up the duff!’

There are more gasps and some squeals and my assistant bursts into (happy) tears. There are lots of questions, including, how big is the baby now? I reply that it’s about the size of a lentil.

‘Lenny the lentil!’ someone shouts. And so it sticks. The baby is named Lenny from that moment on.

I also have an appointment with my GP this week. Actually it’s not my GP, as she’s away, but another doctor I’ve never met before in the group practice.

I take along the forms the hospital have given me and realise I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

She’s very nice and immediately congratulates me on my pregnancy. As it’s already confirmed by the hospital scan she doesn’t have to do a test there. She takes my blood pressure and asks me where I’d like my maternity care to be.

I go for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, which is where I had my fertility treatment. I like the hospital, not least because they helped me make this baby happen, but also because my niece and two of my nephews were born there.

I even went along to a scan of my twin nephews with my sister-in-law, so I know my way around!

Finally, the doctor fills in a form that gives me free dental care and prescriptions and tells me to wait to hear from Chelsea and Westminster about a 12-week scan and that’s that.

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