Congratulations Anna!

We are very pleased to announced that goodtoknow’s Anna is now a mum!
Anna shared her pregnancy diary with us from when she first found out she was pregnant – and here in her final diary entry, she introduces her baby.

At last, a whole 14 days late, my baby arrived! And I’m relieved to finally be able to announce that it’s a girl and we’ve called her Molly. She is absolutely adorable and we’re so proud of her. When I first saw her it was as if I knew her already and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to be her mum.

After weeks of waking up every day thinking, ‘Is it going to be today?’ and wondering if every twinge was the start of something, I eventually decided that there was absolutely no way she was going to put in an appearance of her own accord.

Anna and Molly

After all, we had to have fertility assistance to conceive and now it seems that my body has no idea how to get her out either and she has no intention of budging. My midwife seems to think the same, so I’m booked in to be induced 12 days after my due date. When the day arrives, I’m really nervous, but I’m enormous and tired of lugging all the extra weight around and needing the toilet all the time and people looking horrified that I’m out and about when I look like I’m going to pop at any minute. And most of all, I’ve waited so long to meet my baby and I want to hold her and see her little face.

So, as with many births, things didn’t go entirely to plan and after two attempts to get things going with prostaglandin gel and then the oxytocin drip, I was exhausted, the baby was getting distressed, so I ended up having an emergency Caesarean Section. And there she was. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Molly was born at 11.42pm weighing 8lb 4oz and handed straight to her dad for a cuddle.

And now we’re back at home and we’re getting to know each other. It’s been the most incredible journey with the highs of the positive tests, to seeing the baby on the scans and the anticipation, alongside the lows of terrible headaches, countless hospital visits and a failed induction. But as every new mum says, it’s all worth it when you hold your baby for the first time and try and work out who her nose/feet/ears belong to and see how proud all the extended family members are of her.

So now, I’m a mum and I’m living firmly in mumland, feeding every three hours, burping, nappy changing, cuddling etc, which doesn’t leave me much time for anything else, so sadly this is my last diary entry. Thank you for all your support and comments over the last nine months and for reading every week! Good luck if you’re trying to conceive and congratulations if you’re pregnant or a new mum. I wish you happy and healthy pregnancies and babies.

Anna and Molly x

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