New study: Don’t wait to conceive again after a miscarriage

A new study has suggested that women do not need to delay trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage


Official guidelines and NHS suggestions state that women who suffer a miscarriage should wait 3-6 months before trying to conceive again.

But The University of Aberdeen tested 30,000 women and found that conceiving within this period actually increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

Dr Bhattacharya, who carried out the test, said this news is particulary useful for older women as the chance of miscarrying increases with age.

‘Women wanting to become pregnant soon after a miscarriage should not be discouraged.

‘If you’re already over 35, I would definitely advise to try again within six months as age is more of a risk than the interval between pregnancies.’

Dr Bhattacharya also stressed checking with your GP before trying to conceive again to ensure no infections were picked up.

Professor Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College of GPs, welcomed the news saying:

‘Miscarriages are a very traumatic event for prospective mums-to-be, and this new evidence will help health professionals reassure patients and enable them to give some good news and hope to patients at a time when they are often very anxious and under great stress.’

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