15 of the BEST pregnant Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen

Who says being pregnant has to get in the way of an amazing Halloween costume?

In fact, having a baby bump is actually an asset when it comes to 31st October. You’re not going to be pregnant every Halloween, so you might as well make the most of it!

Some of the Halloween ideas we’ve seen are simply genius, so we’ve rounded up some of the BEST pregnant costumes in case you’re in need of a little spook-tacular inspiration yourself…

1. Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball

Miley Cyrus has definitely given us a scare once or twice, so why not make the most of this hilarious costume and have yourself a wrecking ball baby! We love the added Barbie doll for a 3D effect.

2. An homage to your favourite film

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Pregnant Halloween fun!

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Your little will love to know you dressed them up as Mike Wazowski for their first Halloween.

3. Skeletons with a twist

A classic outfit – the skeleton. But, if you’re pregnant, it would be mean to leave your little one out!

4. In fact, make a whole skeleton family

Get your other half involved too! Why not?

5. Go with the ‘escaping baby’ theme…

We love this idea of a costume around the baby trying to get out of the tummy!

6. Or, try something a little more visual

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Halloween 16 #halloweenbump

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If you’re going down the baby escape route, then you could always get a little bit more scary. Just think of opening the door to Trick or Treaters and them seeing this…

7. Or maybe something arty

Looks like a pretty spooky canvas to us!

8. Catwoman

And get your Batman involved for a full ensemble!

9. A play on words

A reminder to get your tax return in before the little one arrives.

10. Bump ahead

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Happy Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ #halloweenbump

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This one will make everyone at your Halloween party chuckle!

11. Frankenbaby

A monster of a Halloween.

12. A bowling pin and ball

Get yourself a strike.

13. A party balloon

Just make sure you don’t pop!

14. Don’t eat her bump!

If getting creative is your aim, this sweetie gum ball machine could be the costume for you. We love how imaginative this idea is, and although it may be more colourful than your usual Halloween costume, it could technically be the treat to your partners trick!

15. Or the classic pumpkin belly painting

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#HalloweenBump #babybump

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What could be better?!