Is this the funniest way to induce labour ever? Mum does Thriller dance to try and kick-start birth

Raspberry tea, hot curries, long winding walks…there are hundreds of old wives tales on ways to induce labour – but this is the first time we’ve ever seen the Thriller dance amongst them!

Youtube user Bonnie Northsea shared the genius clip online, allowing viewers to watch her throw some seriously impressive shapes with a heavy 40-week pregnant belly.

Explaining the inspiration behind the video, Bonnie wrote: ‘Someone told me that Thriller would induce labor. Here I am on my due date 40 weeks, February 11, 2015, looking like a fool. I’m so awesome!’

‘My Facebook video has 55,000 views after 24 hours, so I thought I would place on YouTube as well.’

Despite the humourous tone of the clip, there is a more serious side to Bonnie’s story: ‘My husband is fighting a battle with Testicular Cancer (just diagnosed a month ago) so it has been difficult emotionally recently’, she explains.

‘This video really helped as it has caused me to laugh over and over again. Now… since posting my Facebook video, I have 1.35 million views!’

It’s great that this video has helped Bonnie find some fun at a difficult time. There’s no word yet on whether her dancing efforts were successful, but we hope it helped her little one to come speedily and safely into the world!

What’s the strangest thing you ever tried to induce labour? Leave us a comment and let us know!