Prince George and Princess Charlotte follow the same royal style rule with Kate Middleton that Meghan broke on only her second EVER official outing!

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte follow this same one royal style rule that their mum Kate Middleton sticks to for every official outing. But the newest member of the royal family, Ms Meghan Markle, broke with that royal style tradition yesterday on what was only her second ever official outing with Prince Harry.

    The Duchess of Cambridge is known for always looking picture perfect when on parade for the royal family. Whether she’s popping in to see a charity she supports, donning trainers for an official sporting event or getting down and dirty on a farm, the Duchess always looks suitably regal, polished and professional.

    One of the ways Kate ensures she always looks the part, is by keeping her hair perfect. From the classic Kate Middleton blow-dry to a sleek and styled up-do fitting for formal occasions or royal working days out.

    The royal style rule is one that Kate is careful to ensure her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, follow too. The tots are rarely seen with a hair out of place, from Prince George’s carefully parted and neatly combed blonde locks to Princess Charlotte’s neatly styled bob – most often complete with a cute, yet smart, hair ribbon.

    However, future full-time member of the royal family Meghan Markle broke this smart royal style tradition on only her second ever official royal engagement yesterday.

    The bride-to-be, who is currently planning her May wedding in Windsor to Harry, stepped out in style yesterday with the Prince for an official visit to Reprezent Radio in POP Brixton, London.

    The fashionable former actress looked chic in a pair of black Burberry trousers and a black jumper by M&S, complete with a warm grey coat and scarf. To finish her look, the ever-stylish star tied her hair up in an on-trend ‘ballet bun’ with pieces of hair pulled out to frame her face.

    The ‘messy’ up-do look is certainly chic, but also a surprising look for a member of the royal family when Kate and her kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are always so careful to look so ploished and neatly groomed.

    Despite Meghan’s choice to break from tradition, royal family fans were quick to praise the 36-year-old and her chosen style for the day.

    ‘I love these looks! Harry looks so polished and love her bun’ wrote one fan with another adding, ‘adoring her super casual hair today!’

    One royal watcher even went so far as to say, ‘Meghan Markle is a style icon. I need this outfit (messy bun and all) immediately.’

    With Kate due on some official engagements over the next couple of weeks, royal fans will have to wait and see if the Duchess decides to adopt Meghan’s new super casual hair trend too – or if she sticks to what she knows!