Prince George and Princess Charlotte ALWAYS follow the Queen’s royal style rule with Kate Middleton that Meghan Markle broke yesterday

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte are always dressed by mum Kate Middleton to follow one of the Queen’s top royal style rules whilst out at official engagements for The Crown, however Meghan Markle broke the royal rule yesterday whilst on an official visit to Cardiff with Prince Harry.

    Meghan Markle has already proved that she’ll be sticking to her own style when it comes to embracing life as a member of the royal family, and her third ever official royal engagement with Prince Harry yesterday in Wales was no exception.

    During has last royal engagement in Brixton, Meghan Markle turned heads for choosing to wear her hair up in a ‘messy bun’ – a hairstyle that the always polished and well-groomed Duchess of Cambridge and her smartly turned-out children would never be seen in.

    For her official visit to Cardiff with Prince Harry, Meghan broke another royal style rule that has long been followed by the Queen, and which in recent years the Duchess of Cambridge has adopted and ensured her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte are following suit too.

    The style rule involves the outfits worn by the royals on official outings – and more specifically the colour of the clothes chosen for the occasion.

    The BBC interviewed etiquette experts Diana Mather and Grant Harrold, who revealed that the Queen sticks to the royal style rule of always wearing bright colours so that she can be seen – and spotted- from a distance by members of the public.

    Well-aware that people often wait for hours and line up in crowds alongside roads to try and catch a glimpse of her, the Queen wears bright colours to ensure that even those stuck as the back of the crowd can catch a glimpse of her – thanks to the bold hue of her outfits.

    ‘She loves colour and knows it will stand out’ Diana Mather explained.

    Her Majesty is also reported to have once said ‘If I wore beige, nobody would know who I am’ – although we’re almost positive that this would never happen!

    The Duchess of Cambridge ensures that both she and her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte follow the same royal fashion rule as the Queen. Kate is often snapped in brightly coloured jackets and dresses so she stands out from the crowd, and the pregnant mum-of-two also styles her two children in brightly coloured clothes for their official outings and royal tours.

    Meghan Markle ignored this royal style tip for her trip to Wales with Prince Harry, choosing instead to dress predominantly in black for the occasion. Looking chic in tailored trousers by Welsh brand Hiut Denim, a smart jacket by designer Stella McCartney and black boots, Meghan Markle looked as stylish as ever stepping out of the car in Cardiff to greet crowds who had waited to meet her and Prince Harry for hours.

    Unfortunately, Meghan and Prince Harry were over an hour late for their first engagement in Wales due to delays with the train they were travelling on from London.

    All eyes were on the happy couple when they did eventually arrive in Cardiff, and we’re sure people could still spot Meghan smiling and waving at the crowds – even if she did choose monochrome over the Queen’s preferred bright hues!