Prince William and Kate urged not to have a third baby in open letter from children’s organisation

Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge have been urged not to have a third baby.

The couple, who are already parents to Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, received the request in the form of an open letter from children’s organisation Having Kids, which promotes small families, in response to Kate’s recent comments that the pair should have more children after being gifted a toy designed for a newborn.

The letter, which is signed from Anne Green, the Executive Director of the company, and their President, Carter Dillard, asks the couple to refrain from adding to their family any further, on the grounds on sustainability and responsibility as public figures.

‘As you know and appreciate, the example the British Royal Family sets is extremely influential,’ they write. ‘Many studies also show that public figures serve as effective role models when it comes to family planning. Your discussion of having a larger family raises compelling issues of sustainability and equity.’

‘Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives, protected from the deprivations of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation. They will receive optimal amounts of care and attention, as well as the best possible education.’

‘But the same can’t be said of every future child. Having Kids promotes the Fair Start family planning model, which encourages smaller families to work together to plan a fair start in life for every child.’

‘It’s simple: Families plan a fair start for their own child and help others do the same. Rather than having a third or more children, families consider forgoing another child and taking part of the substantial resources saved to help a different family plan a fair start in life for their child. There are many ways to do this and we can provide more information.’

They conclude by asking Kate and William to follow a child-centred approach to family planning, so that all children can have equal opportunities in ‘a healthy, safe and greener environment’.

The royal couple have not yet responded to the letter, but many fans of the family have criticised the message, with some remarking that they had no right to ‘interfere’ with the Cambridge’s personal affairs.

Responding to the backlash, Having Kids said ‘the impact the wealthiest families have on the environment dwarfs the impact of children born in the developing world’, adding that ‘given exponential growth, large families – wherever they may be – are simply not sustainable.’