Queen will have ‘no say’ in naming the Royal baby

We know what it’s like when you’re trying to think of a name for your baby: everybody’s got an opinion. And when you’re about to give birth to one of the most talked-about babies on the planet, we reckon those opinions would be made pretty loud and clear! Though perhaps we’re overestimating just how meddling our Queenie is!

New reports from the royal camp suggest that The Queen will have no say whatsoever in choosing the name of the new royal baby after new rules were put in place to give the couple more freedom.

Royal expert, Robert Jobson, who spilled the beans on the news, did however say he’s sure Kate and William will go for something traditional.

Jobson told our friends at Now magazine: ‘If it’s a girl, I’d be surprised if Diana and Elizabeth aren’t among the choices.’

So what name will the couple go for? Early odds from bookies William Hill suggested our best bet is to go for the girls’ names Elizabeth or Victoria with odds of 10/1 or if it’s a boy, George, also at 10/1.

Perhaps Kate and Wills were inspired by their recent trip to Harry
Potter World last month and we could be expecting another little Harry
(or maybe even Ron or Hermione) as the royal heir?

Or we know the couple are big fans of singer Ellie Goulding, because she was invited to sing at their wedding. Could Eleanor be the name of choice? It sounds quite royal, don’t you think?

One thing’s for sure, everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear what that littlest royal is going to be called. The couple themselves are keeping schtum, but they revealed they’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist and Kate even said her friends had been texting her ideas. How modern!

If they didn’t have to stick to tradition, what do you think would be a good name for Kate and Wills’ royal baby? Let us know in the comments section below.

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