21 reasons that prove Minions are the ABSOLUTE worst

They started out being cute, but their ‘bellos’ and ‘poopayes’ soon became too much to handle.

Can you remember a world without these annoying little yellow creatures? It was a peaceful time, when the colour yellow was as unpopular as it should be and children obsessed over fictional creatures who spoke an actual language.

Since 2010, when we first saw them on the big screen, life hasn’t quite been the same. Here’s why we believe Minions are the absolute worst – but how many do you agree with?

1. They made a professor think teaching a class like this was okay

Image: Imgur

Zero credibility.

2. They’ve ruined Christmas

Image: Imgur

No, yellow does not go with red and green. Stop.

3. And Halloween

Image: Imgur

As if being carved wasn’t traumatic enough for the poor pumpkins…

4. It’s clear they want to take over the world

Image: Imgur

We know you have a plan, Stuart.

5. Starting with our bins

[twitter] https://twitter.com/tracymadmorgan/status/638360502528311296 [/twitter]

The world doesn’t need any more excuses to litter.

6. And our dreams

Image: Twitter

Why does she look so peaceful?!

7. They are literally EVERYWHERE

Image: Imgur

There’s no escaping.

8. Not even beer’s safe

Image: Imgur

Just when you thought they were confined to children’s beverages.

9. They’re inspiring cruelty in the workplace

Image: Imgur

When a boss makes their employees dress up like Minions, he might actually be Gru.

10. They’ve ruined nail art

Image: Imgur

So long cute polka dots and stylish stripes.

11. And make-up

Image: Twitter

We’ll stick to nudes, thank you.

12. You can’t even go to the cinema without being reminded they exist

Image: Imgur

A DVD it is then.

13. They can be VERY inappropriate

Image: Weknowmemes

14. More inappropriate than you think

Image: Trakigt

Apparently Minion fetish is a thing…

15. And we’re pretty convinced they’re evil

Image: Imgur

Red shampoo was not a good idea.

16. Actually, we’re sure they’re evil

Image: Pinterest

Remember when this fella went on the loose? It looks so pleased with the chaos…

17. They’re making it harder for children to learn difficult numbers

Image: Twitter

‘I’m going to give you a Minion kisses mum… ‘

18. They’re inspiring creations like this

Image: Reddit

We loved beanies… Until now.

19. And this

Image: Imgur

SO so wrong.

20. But there are still people who want a PERMANENT reminder they exist

Image: Twitter

We’re happy to chip in for the laser tattoo removal treatment – you might need it.

21. This image gives us a weird sense of satisfaction

Image: Tumblr

Enough said, really.