Kate and Wills reveal their due date (and whether it’s twins!)

If you’ve been wondering when the next royal baby is due, you’re about to get your answer.

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have officially announced that they’re expecting their second bundle of royal delightfulness to be born in April 2015.

The official statement also confirms that Kate, who revealed her second pregnancy on 8 September 2014, continues to suffer from a type of severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum but is ‘steadily improving.’

Rumours that Kate was expecting twins have been circling for weeks, but the use of the word ‘baby’ in their official statement seems to have put those rumours firmly to bed.

The Duchess has been splitting her time between the royal couple’s home in Kensington Palace and her parent’s house in Bucklebury, while she recovers from the condition which she also suffered when pregnant with Prince George.

 The statement released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today which confirms Kate and

William are expecting royal baby number two in April 2015.

The due date means that Prince George will be around 21 months old when his new little brother or sister arrives, about the same age gap between Kate and her younger sister Pippa.

The age gap between George and his new baby brother or sister will be about the same as the gap between Kate and her younger sister, Pippa 

It is thought that the official statement marks the 12th week of Kate’s pregnancy, which also seems to have been confirmed by pictures which show Kate and Wills leaving the clinic of Alan Farthing, royal obstetrician for the birth of Prince George, after what is thought to have been their 12-week-scan.

 Pictures of Kate visiting Alan Farthing’s clinic in London (here pictured right, after the birth of Prince George) after what’s thought to have been her 12-week-scan, have emerged on an American website

The pictures, published by an American website, have caused yet another uproar over the Duchess’s right to privacy similarly to when topless photos of her were published in 2012, and of her holidaying on a French beach when pregnant with Prince George in 2013. As of yet, no UK papers have chosen to publish the pictures.

Assuming the royal couple conceived at the beginning of August, our Chinese birth predictor reckons Kate’s expecting another little boy! What do you think she’s going to have? Place your bets by leaving a comment below.


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