16 of the most hilarious, bizarre and rudest names for everyday items

Just because you’re a grown up that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to act a little childish every now and again.

Whether you’re watching the kids, going to work or cleaning the house, it’s always good to have a little laugh. And sometimes, getting a serious case of the giggles can come from an innocent shopping trip when you’ve spotted something that’s a little bit rude.

Whether it’s inappropriately-named toilet roll or rude-sounding food, it sometimes makes you wonder how these items were even allowed on the shelves!

But now, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, we’re able to see even more brilliant products that definitely gave us the giggles right from the comfort of our living room.

Take a look at the list below of some of the funniest, rudest and ridiculous names for products out there. If you can get it through it without laughing, you did much better than we did!

1. This slightly alternative dip for your evening snack

2. Ok, this is for dogs. But the name is still hilarious!

3. This VERY honest loo roll

5. The burger that made us lose our appetite

6. This unusually dramatic name for a soft drink

Image: Pinterest

7. We’ve never seen a box of tea so chilled…

8. While we love this tea’s cheeky name

9. This accusatory class sign

Image: Imgur

10. This almost rude (but not quite) for sale sign

11. This packaging, which tells it how it is

12. This insulting detergent

Image: Pinterest

13. This BRILLIANT corkscrew accurately describes how we feel after wine

14. This IKEA label, which will never not be funny

Image: Flickr

15. This awkward shopping display

16. And finally, this. We’re just don’t know what to make of it

Image: Imgur

We think seeing all these would definitely liven up our shopping trip! Whether we’d actually buy them is a different question altogether…