‘It’s a natural thing you morons’ Sam Faiers divides opinion with breastfeeding Snapchat

Sam Faiers has divided social media followers after sharing a personal picture of herself breastfeeding her son Paul.

The TOWIE star, famous for her time as an original cast member on the ITV reality TV series, has since settled down and become a proud mum, often sharing pictures of her seven-month-old baby, Paul.

The 25-year-old model and boutique owner lives with boyfriend and father of her son Paul Knightley, who has featured in her parenting-based documentary The Baby Diaries.

Monday evening snuggles 💕 Paul's little finger 😍

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During an evening of relaxing at home, Sam took to social media platform Snapchat to share this picture of her and her baby cuddling up in bed. With the caption ‘Milk & bed’, the young mum can be seen clearly breastfeeding with an up-close shot of her son latching on.

Image: Sam Faiers/Snapchat

Reactions from fans all over social media exploded, with contrasting opinions on what is deemed appropriate exposure when it comes to breastfeeding.

Taking to Twitter, some fans were pleased to see Sam supporting a woman’s right to breastfeed openly, with one user tweeting, ‘So pleased you are breast feeding and proud, a great role model to all mums’ and another commenting, ‘Why are people disturbed about a picture of  Sam Faiers breast feeding? It’s a natural thing you morons’.

But for some Snapchat users it was a little too far, with many complaining that the picture was inappropriate and unnecessary for the social media platform.

One fan exclaimed, ‘Im all for women breast feeding in public but does Sam Faiers really need to put it on her snapchat story’

This isn’t the first time that Sam has sparked media attention from breastfeeding openly. Back in March she shared a candid shot of her breastfeeding baby Paul while on holiday.

Me & my bubba ❤️

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Similarly this photo caused controversy amongst her followers, with some applauding the mum’s openness while others condemned it.

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