‘We do want a big family’ Sam Faiers opens up about having a second child

Sam Faiers has opened up about growing her brood and having baby number two with boyfriend Paul.

The TOWIE star admitted to MailOnline that although she does want a ‘big family’, she doesn’t see herself having another baby anytime soon, with her sights set firmly on her career for now.

The 26 year old opened up about how watching sister Billie become a mum for the second time made her feel ‘broody’: ‘We do want a big family, and when Billie had her second baby, Arthur, it made me broody.

‘It made me all “ohhh I want a newborn!”‘

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Sam continued to say that she will wait for what she sees as the appropriate age gap between her children, and is treasuring her time with her son Paul.

‘I think there should be a three/four year age gap between my children. Plus we are really just enjoying baby Paul right now!’

Since rising to fame in reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, Sam’s television career has gone from strength to strength having received legions of fans and positive feedback for her show, The Mummy Diaries.

And it looks like her presence on screens won’t be slowing down anytime soon, as the mum has big plans to go to the US, although she claims she won’t be doing reality TV forever.

‘I don’t want to be doing reality forever. I think a lot about the future, but I take each year as it comes. I don’t think I’ll still be doing reality TV in 10 years’ time though’, Sam said.

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Despite America being an exciting prospect, Sam admits she will miss her family.

‘America is a whole different thing. No-one there knows who I am. It’s about a fresh start. We have to start from the bottom when we go out there!

‘It was really hard because we are so close to our family,’ she said. ‘But you’ve got to give these things a chance. We wouldn’t be going forever. Paul and I really want to try stuff still, and you’d always wonder “what if?” if we didn’t try it.’