Santa’s grottos 2018

Santa's grottos 2018: our round-up of the most magical Santa's grottos across the UK ready for the festive season.

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like taking your kids to visit Father Christmas in his twinkling Santa’s grotto, or one of the many Santa’s grottos around.

Plus if you don’t yet know what to get them for the big holiday, this is a great chance to listen in so that you can start your Christmas shopping without having to wait them to finally give you their Christmas lists.

While it would be nice to ride a magic reindeer off to Lapland to visit Santa, it’s easier and cheaper to take the family to visit him in their own home town!

Of course, you can probably find a classic Santa’s grotto in your local Christmas markets but we’ve rounded up a few more options so that you’ve got a load of festive choices.

These are the most magical places your children can see Santa and experience a magical festive Santa’s grotto in the UK this Christmas…

Find a Santa’s grotto in the UK by area

Santa’s grottos: the South Santa’s grottos: London
Santa’s grottos: the Midlands Santa’s grottos: Wales
Santa’s grottos: the North Santa’s grottos: Scotland