The best World Book Day costumes you can buy for under £16

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  • Get these kiddie world book day costumes for just £16 or under to have your child feeling good and looking cute on this all important day of the year...

    World Book Day costumes don’t have to be hard to come by, and with World Book Day coming up on Thursday 7th March, here’s where to get your hands on the best ones for £16 or less in the shops this year.

    World Book Day is fast approaching – cue hundreds of frantic parents trying to make time to come up with costumes ready for school! With time being precious, easy World Book Day fancy dress that you can just pick up in the shops can be a real life-saver, especially if you’re responsible for getting more than one child World Book Day ready!

    The supermarkets have really upped their game this year, offering plenty fabulously fuss-free and affordable world book day fancy dress options for kids if you’re all out of homemade World Book Day ideas.

    We’ve spotted lots of clothes that’ll seamlessly transform little ones into their favourite fictional characters.

    We’ve rounded up our favourite World Book Day costumes that can be bought for under £15 in the shops this year below…

    World Book Day ideas for costumes:

    1. Classic children’s book character costumes

    Alice in Wonderland

    Blue children’s costume, from £4.99, Lidl

    This adorable dress will transport your little one into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland.

    Peter Pan

    Green children’s costume, from £4.99, Lidl

    Encourage your little one to stay young and adventurous forever in this adorable Peter Pan costume.

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Red children’s costume, from £4.99, Lidl

    Let your child’s imagination run wild in this Little Red Riding Hood outfit, complete with her iconic red cape.

    Mad Hatter costume

    Children’s costume, from £4.99, Lidl

    Another option from the Alice in Wonderland collection, this Mad Hatter outfit is perfect for any child who loves the magical tale.

    Nanny costume

    Nanny children’s costume, from £4.99, Lidl

    This lovely nanny costume, complete with a cute red ribbon, will transform your child into Mary Poppins in no time at all, saving you heaps of time and money!

    Disney’s Mary Poppins

    Marry Poppins, from £16, Matalan

    This wonderful design will also magically turn your little one into everyone’s most treasured nanny. The navy dress is complete with signature collar and bow tie, as well as Mary’s iconic daisy hair accessory.


    Gruffalo, from £14, George at Asda

    Julia Donaldson’s book character the Gruffalo is instantly recognisable with this snug onesie complete with the creature’s trademark ‘terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws’.

    Lily Bobtail

    Lily Bobtail, from £8, George at Asda

    Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny’s quick-witted novel-loving friend Lily Bobtail is the one of the best World Book Day costumes for a young reading enthusiast. We love the embroidered facial features on her 3D hood complete with super-soft ears.

    The Tiger Who Came To Tea

    The Tiger Who Came To Tea, from £8, George at Asda

    With this striped onesie featuring a detachable tail, transforming into the The Tiger Who Came To Tea has never been easier. The hungry lead animal from Judith Kerr’s book has been a firm favourite among youngsters since 1968.


    Paddington Bear outfit, from £8, George at Asda

    Warp your little one up warm in one of these snuggly Paddington Bear world book day costumes. Pick up a jar of marmalade whilst you’re also in the supermarket too to really complete the look!

    Where’s Wenda

    Where’s Wenda, from £16, Matalan

    This Where’s Wenda costume is the perfect outfit for your little one on World Book Day. It includes a signature striped dress, matching hat and glasses, and is even completed with a passport.

    Cinderella dress up book

    Cinderella costume, from £4.99, Aldi

    This cute set includes a Cinderella storybook, giving your little one the chance to read along with their favourite princess. The set also features a tiara, ring, sparkly purse and a princess skirt.

    Big Bad Wolf dress up book

    Big Bad Wolf Costume, from £4.99, Aldi

    This Big Bad Wolf costume tells the wolf’s side of the much-loved fairy tale. Complete with a wolf mask, paws, ears, tail, bow-tie and a storybook, this costume will provide endless entertainment for your child on World Book Day.

    Elmer The Elephant Multicoloured Costume

    Elmer The Elephant Multicoloured Costume, from £11.25, Sainsbury’s

    This playful costume is perfect for lovers of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. It features an all in one Elmer suit in multicoloured squares with a print of Elmer on the front and an adorable Elmer elephant head hat.

    2. Roald Dahl book character costumes

    Violet Beauregarde (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

    Violet Beauregarde, from £15, George at Asda 

    Violet Beauregarde swells up when she refuses to listen to Willy Wonka’s warnings after sampling a new sweet in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. When rocking this world book day fancy dress featuring a sewn-in hoop around the torso, any Roald Dahl fan will be mistaken for the chewing-gum champion as she fills up with blueberry juice.

    The BFG

    BFG outfit and accessories, from £10, George at Asda

    Turn your little one into this huge character from a Roald Dahl classic one of these World Book Day costumes from Asda. We love the giant ears with the easy-to-wear hairband for kids – genius!

    3. David Walliam’s book character costumes

    Awful Auntie

    Awful Auntie, from £8, George at Asda

    Children will have so much fun coming up with cunning plots to steal Saxby Hall from its rightful heir Stella when dressed up as Aunt Alberta, a baddie dreamed up by David Williams for his Awful Auntie paperback.

    Gangsta Granny

    Gangsta Granny, from £8, George at Asda

    Taken from the children’s fiction book Gangsta Granny by British comedian David Walliams, this cute fancy dress costume puts your little one at the centre of the story about the grandma who just happens to be a former international jewel thief…

    4. Modern book character costumes

    Postman Pat

    Postman Pat, from £8, George at Asda

    Early in the morning, just as day is dawning on World Book Day, we’ve no doubt that your Postman Pat enthusiast will pull on this blue uniform with pride before setting out to deliver letters to the people of Greendale.

    Iron Man

    Iron Man, from £8, George at Asda

    Your little superhero will look undeniably cool as he protects the world while dressed up as Marvel Comics icon Iron Man.

    Wizard costume

    Children’s Book Day Dress up Wizard, from £4.99, Aldi

    Your little one will love putting on this outfit and transforming into the magical characters they love from their favourite spellbinding story.

    Dragon costume

    Children’s Book Day Dress Up Dragon, from £4.99, Aldi

    This exciting costume will let your little one’s imagination run wild by allowing them the chance to act out their favourite dragon character. It features an overhead cape with all over scale print, contrast tummy, spikes, horns and a 3D head.