So, Natasha Hamilton is eating her placenta – and there’s a picture to prove it

Ok so if anything’s about to put you off your sandwiches, it’s this story.

Natasha Hamilton, who welcomed her baby girl Ella with 5IVE’s Ritchie Neville last week, has revealed that she’s eating her placenta. And there’s a picture to prove it.

Before you hit your browser’s back button in horror, we promise it’s not gory.

The star has had her afterbirth encapsulated into easy-to-take tablets in a jar labelled: ‘Natural Wellness Capsules for New Mothers.’

Natasha had previously expressed her wishes to eat her placenta after the birth of her fourth child.

The former Atomic Kitten singer, who already has three sons from previous relationships, said prior to the birth that she was interested in eating her placenta for the health benefits, but that she ‘didn’t fancy bringing my own placenta home in a Tupperware box and having to dry it out and chop it up myself.’ And it looks as though she’s stayed true to her word.

The new mum tweeted:

‘Huge thanks to Laura who I found through the IPEN website for collecting my placenta & encapsulating it #IPEN2014.’


Natasha and her boyfriend Ritchie, of boyband 5IVE, have welcomed their first child, Ella, into the world.

Natasha, 32, who has previously suffered from postnatal depression, hopes that eating her placenta will help prevent against developing the mental illness again.

Well, we’re certainly not against the idea, we’re just grateful that Natasha didn’t tweet a picture of her actual placenta – phew!

Would you, or have you eaten your placenta, or know anyone who has? What do you think of the idea? Totally natural or totally gross?

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