The cutest apology letter from a 5 year old we’ve ever read

There’s nothing like a heart-wrenchingly sweet story at Christmas time and this might just be the best we’ve heard.

A five-year-old girl who dropped a bauble in the Cambridgeshire John Lewis store apologised for the breakage in a hand-written letter to the manager.

The little girl, named Faith, also offered £2 (Sellotaped to her letter) as compensation for the breakage.


John Lewis has now tracked down the parents of the girl and have said thank you, also offering her to choose something from the store she might like as a gift for being so honest.

Store manager Dominic Joyce told the Daily Mail, ‘The letter arrived on Tuesday afternoon and had no return address or indication of who the young girl was.’

‘She visited us on one of our busiest weekends of the year and we still are unsure as to which bauble was broken. We’d like to thank her and because of her adorable letter maybe give her something from the store she would like.’

Altogether now: ‘Awww’.

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