19-month-old photographer captures life from the viewpoint of a toddler

A photo series has gone viral after documenting a day in the life from the viewpoint of a toddler.

British Army photographer Tim Jones let his son 19-month-old Stanley loose with his Canon G12, and the results are as adorable as they are insightful.

‘He has a few of my old crappy point and shoot film cameras in his toy box to play with, but today I gave him my Canon G12. To be honest it’s a pile of sh*t and it doesn’t get used at all. It was probably a tip top camera back in the day but by today’s standards it’s not the best,’ Tim explains in the blog section of his website, JonesMrJones, where the full photo series can be found.

‘He wandered round the house and garden snapping away saying ‘cheese’ at everything. He even managed to switch the settings to ‘sepia’ at one point. I’m guessing he was feeling a bit pretentious and wanted to change the style of his shots. He looks through the viewfinder as well rather than use the LCD screen on the back.’

‘After he had finished and started to press all the buttons to see what they did I whacked the memory card in the MacBook and had a look at the pics. He did pretty well!’

‘What do you think? Is he any good? Is the dude a phot in the making or should he hang the camera up now and get back to watching Paw Patrol and colouring in?’ Tim asked his followers.

In the photos, Stanley explores the family’s house and garden, taking candid snaps of his parents, and even manages to get creative with colour filters, withrather fetching pics of both the Jones’ dog and his dad in sepia.

Fortunately, his camerawork was up to scratch, according to Tim’s fellow photographers.

‘Please Please, create a instagram for him and post everyweek, will be amazing to to see him and of course for himself when he grow up 😀 amazing man,’ one wrote, whilst another added, ‘Dude keep going with this. I love seeing your kids perspective’.

‘This is a fantastic idea! We’re expecting and will probably add this to the list of awesome things to do as the baby grows,’ a third agreed.

You heard them, Stanley – keep on snapping!