‘We came very close to losing this little man today’ Dad thanks NHS staff for saving son who choked on a grape

A father has taken to Facebook to share an emotional thank you to the NHS staff who saved his son’s life after he choked on a grape.

Steve Hulbert shared a heartbreaking image of his little boy, Oli, in a hospital bed, explaining that he came ‘very close’ to losing him after the fruit became lodged in his throat.

‘When the paramedics arrived 10 minutes after our 999 call, Oli had just lost consciousness after our frantic efforts to remove the grapes in his throat that were choking the life from him,’ he wrote.

‘I ran to the ambulance carrying a limp boy with blue lips and wide staring eyes to hand him into the care of three incredible men. They immediately set to work with the ultimate calmness and efficiency that only true professionalism can bring.

‘They fought for ten minutes before support arrived from two more paramedic vehicles and the air ambulance. And then in a moment that changed the course of our lives, they dislodged the grape and Oli sucked in air. His eyes came into focus and I dared to dream.’

He then goes on to list the various members of the team who had cared for his son and the rest of his family, including consultants, paediatricians and nurses.

Noting that the NHS is often criticised and said to be ‘on the brink’, he adds that he couldn’t be more amazed by the treatment they received.

‘Today I want to celebrate all that is good with the NHS. I want to shout thanks from the rooftops to the paramedics that arrived quickly enough to save Oli’s life. I want to share with everyone how the team at the hospital exceeded every possible expectation and delivered care, compassion and information with smiles and warmth.

‘We are incredibly lucky to have this institution and the people that dedicate their lives to making ours better. I will be forever in their debt. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.’

Steve’s emotional message has been shared by more than 8,000 people so far, with many leaving comments to echo his sentiments.

‘Well said!!!!’ one exclaimed. ‘So glad your little man is okay. I have worked in the nhs for thirty years and have had, and still have, the pleasure of working with some amazing people.’

‘I am glad your little boy is good!’ another agreed. ‘Thank you for all those women and men that are helping us every single day!’