22 struggles every family is experiencing during this heatwave

Image: Starecat

Hip hip hooray, it’s summer! The sunshine we spent all of the cold months desperately pining for is finally here, and you can’t wait to bask in its warm, summery glow.

However, it seems that perhaps the sun has put his hat on a little too vigorously this year, and ended up scorching the entirety of England in the process. According to reports, we’re going to see temperatures of up to 30+ degrees, and although we do love a bit of hot weather, even we had to admit that this might be a little TOO hot.

Heatwaves can throw off family life in more ways that you might think imaginable – even for the most dedicated of sunseekers. Here are just some of the struggles you’ll most likely be experiencing as the temperatures continue to soar…

1. Looking at the weather forecast, and feeling like this:

2. Then realising the reality actually feels like this:

3. The kids already being on their 67th ice cream

Image: College Humor

4. (Seriously, everything in your house might as well just be one giant chocolate syrup stain)

5. And the dog being on his third

Well he’s wearing a fur coat, he’s hotter than all of us!

6. Keeping a secret stash of the good stuff for yourself, obviously

Image: Pinterest

The Haagaz Daaz is yours and YOURS only, and they’d do well to remember that.

7. At least one member of the family refusing to wear suncream

Image: Reddit

Usually hubby, who claims he has a ‘natural glow’. Until this happens.

8. Whilst you just can’t cake on enough factor 50

Image: Pinterest

There is not enough SPF in the WORLD.

9. Answering the door to the postman in fewer clothes than you ever dreamed acceptable

Anything that isn’t made of cotton or designed for sunbathing is NOT going on your body right now.

10. Drinking absolute GALLONS of H20

You don’t say words anymore, you just glug.

11. Then being seriously creeped out when you don’t instantly need to pee

How much can one person possibly sweat out?

12. Spending the best part of your life savings on filling the paddling pool

You can just hide the water bills down the side of the sofa for the next six months, right?

13. And yet wishing with all of your might that you had an actual pool instead

Mainly so you can do cool stuff like this and wow the neighbours with your skills.

14. Thinking a barbecue is a brilliant idea

Then realising that you’ve just added MORE heat to your surrounding area.

15. Really, you should have done this instead

Image: Clatl

16. Burning your hands on the steering wheel.

Every. Damn. Time.

17. Being far, far too hot to even SLEEP

And being totally, completely, unreasonably irritable because of it.

18. Adopting an Argos Value fan as your honorary extra child

It’s automatically the favourite. Sorry biological babies.

19. Ultimately, spending around 85% of your day wailing this

21. And the other 15% doing this

22. And any other spare second wistfully reminisicing about winter

At this stage, rain can only be a good thing. And at least it’d fill the paddling pool for free.