Suranne Jones opens up about filming Doctor Foster sex scenes SIX MONTHS after giving birth

Mum-of-one Suranne Jones is gracing our screens once a week in gripping drama Doctor Foster, and recently fans were left speechless after her steamy sex scene.

Suranne’s character Gemma had sex with her cheating ex-husband Simon in scenes didn’t leave much to the imagination – and now the 39-year-old has now revealed that she found out about stripping off for this scene just after she gave birth to her son last year.

Speaking to The Sun, Suranne admitted that the prospect was a challenge, saying: ‘Of course it isn’t thrilling to read sex scenes when you’ve just had a baby and you’re due back at work in six months…’

However, while the circumstances around acting out intimacy may not always be ideal, the actress insists that such scenes are a necessity for the show.

Suranne welcomed a son with husband Laurence Akers, 47, in March last year, and despite having to reveal her body on screen so soon the star explained that she feels that the show’s sex scenes were pivotal to the storyline.

‘I think it’s important that we’ve shown the sex. In a story about infidelity, betrayal and sexual feelings within relationships, you’re obviously going to have sex scenes,’ she detailed.

‘Without them, it wouldn’t have been as powerful. I think you know when it’s not really part of the story because you go: “Turn it off!” If it’s part of the story, you’re in it. I’m there with them.’

Speaking shortly before the new series aired, Suranne told What’s On TV at the time: ‘I went back to work after six months. I was quite hormonal still I think.

‘Of course I could have done it if I hadn’t become a mum, but becoming a mum makes you understand the enormity of what would happen if your marriage fell apart, and you have a child, which I perhaps didn’t understand before.’

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