Tell us what you think!

Hello lovely goodtoknowers! We know from talking to you on our Facebook and Twitter pages just how much you love to tell us what you think, so now we’ve made it even easier for you to join the conversation.

As of today, we’ve introduced a brand new way for you to comment on any article or picture gallery on the website. To make this work we’ve partnered with some experts in online comments (yes, there are such a thing!) called Disqus to help make it quick and easy for you to share your views or ask us a question. You might recognise the name if you often post comments on other websites as Disqus power the discussion on some of our favourite sites!

You can still log in with Facebook if you like, just as before, but now you’ve got the added option to sign in with Twitter, as a guest or to register for an account that lets you post time and time again, and will give kudos to our chattiest users!

We’re also pretty excited, because you can now post pictures with your comments! So next time you stop by to tell us your twist on one of our 9,000 tasty recipes, post a picture with it too so we can see your creations!

That’s all from us for now – if you have any questions or comments about this new way to comment, leave us a comment below to tell us what you think. (Phew, that hurt our brains!)

Look forward to talking to you soon,

The goodtoknow team.

Apester Lazyload